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Bali Spa Tour | Bali ActivitiesBali Spa Tour  is a bali activities tour package deal which give the quality bali spa programs with maximum reduced fee that you ought to try in the course of your excursion in the island of paradise. Revel in balinese spa rub and other remedy with an professional and experience therapists will give you and gorgeous treatment administer to restore your mind and body.

Bali Spa gives Balinese style of Spa medicines with mix of antiquated restorative cures and cutting edge spa customs to be stable, revive and prosperity. Via the convalescing hands of eminently prepared guide, we introduce simply regular solving blend of items, the purest everyday chose oils, herb and flavors to bring the appropriate asylum for unwinding and revival.

Bali Spa Retreats , The balinese trust that the frame, mind and soul work in concordance. The well being and prosperity of all fulfill the whole lot. Revel in this delightful blend of again rub processes: conventional balinese rub, reflexology, face and hand knead. Consequences in : better route, discharged muscle stress, and assuaging unwinding.

It's all inside the name! Basically, you may be spoiled from head to toe for two hours. Experience an unwinding full frame knead making use of the first-class as a part of our in particular mixed fragrance based totally treatment oils. The pay attention now turns in the direction of the sky as you experience mental unwinding and tranquility at some point of bali spa treatment. Your therapist will rub key marma focuses as a first rate movement of sedated oils falls off your temple and scalp. We unequivocally suggest unwinding after this profoundly reflective and transformative enjoy.


Bali Spa Tour Promotion

  Bali Spa Tour Packages

  Price : USD 45/person

  • Balinese Massage ( 1 hrs massage )
  • Aromatic Footbath
  • Aromatic Flower Bath
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Lotion 
  • Body Wash
  • Tropical Fruit Body Polish

  Bali Spa Tour Packages Include :

  • Welcome Drink 
  • Experience Balinese Spa Therapist
  • Return Hotel Transfer from Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran & Nusa Dua areas.


  Note : Minimum 2 persons.





Honeymoon Spa Packages (For Couple Price)

  1. Romance , 2 Hours US$ 135
    Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath & Peppermint Body Wash, Shirodara Treatment or Anti Aging Facial, Traditional Massage, Ratus for women Hand or Foot Treatment for Man Body Lotion.
  2. Angel Pink , 3 Hours US$ 185 
    Rose Aromatic Footbath, Body Wash, Balinese Massage, Galuh Bali Shirodara, Rose Body Scrub, Lime and Honey Body Polish, Rose Flower bath Body Polish, Rose Flower bath, Body Lotion.
  3. Sunset Paradise, 4 Hours US$ 235
    Body Steam, Aromatic footbath & Peppermint Body wash, Anti Aging Facial, Galuh Bali Shirodara, Traditional Massage Rose or Chocolate Body Scrub, Strawberry Body Polish, Flower and Bubble Bath, Ratus for women Hand Treatment or Foot Treatment for Man, Body Lotion, Lunch or Dinner.
  4. Harmony, 5 Hours US$ 295 
    Special pose and Spa Treatments combined to memorize your day in Bali:
    Balinese wedding costume with 6 pose, Body steam, Aromatic Footbath, Bodywash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Traditional Facial, Tropical Facial, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion, Finish for the treatment Lunch or dinner.


Bali Spa Packages

  1. Nature Inspiration , 2 hours US$ 65 
    Aromatic Footbath, Body wash, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion.
  2. Sweet Dream, 3 hours US$ 85
    Body Steam, Aromatic footbath, Body Wash, Traditional Facial or Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion.
  3. Moonlight, 4 Hours U$120
    Body Steam, Aromatic Footbath, Body Wash, Hair Creambath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub Traditional Facial, Tropical Fruit Body polish, Aromatic Flower Bath, Body Lotion, Finish for The Treatment Lunch or Dinner.



Jamu Spa Packages

  1. Oriental Herbal Massage, 2 Hours US$ 70 
    Combination Jamu Massage and The Heated Muslin Parcel Warminf, Herbal Bath last, Herbal Drinking to Leave out your body tired.
  2. Perfect Slimming, 3 Hours US$ 95 
    Body Steam, Volcanic Clay Body Scrub for Cellulite, Herbal Bath, Slimming Body Massage.Last, Jamu Slimming Dring to Leave Out Fats in your body.


Salon Treatment

  1. Anti Facial, 1 Hour US$ 35
  2. Manicure Or Pedicure, 1 Hour US$ 35
  3. Hair Creambath, 1 hour US$ 35
    Hair and scalp treatment to make your head feeling cool and softening, strengthen the strand of hair.
  4. Shirodara, 1 Hour US$ 45
    The original ayurweda treatment for the traditional therapy from India. With the extract from plant and spice is grown and abundance in tropical island mixed following the hair and scalp treatment, ideal to pacify your feel, stimulate the scalp and added fullness and Luster hair.
  5. Ritual Hair Therapy, 1.5 Hours US$ 50 
    Ritual treatment for improving strengthens your hair and repairing your damaged hair. These treatments will combined with head, hair, shoulder and foot massage by herbal oil, hair wash, hair cream and serum, steam by ozone, hair wash, relaxing with hair tonic and dryer.
  6. Ratus, 30 Minutes US$ 30
  7. Sauna/Steam, 20 Minutes US$ 20
  8. Creambath, 1 Hour US$ 35

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