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Bunaken National Park - is an island that is in the sea just north of Manado precisely Indonesian island of North Sulawesi. Island Park has a thousand natural beauty that always make the tourists feel at home in awe and traveled disana. In order to get to this beautiful island requires a boat from the port of Manado spedd and takes 30 minutes. On the island there Bunaken marine park tour that is part of the Bunaken National Park . Indonesia Bunaken marine park has a marine bodiversitas beautiful and the highest in the world. Scuba Diving in the Bunaken marine park become a major attraction for the tourists who visit. Area of Bunaken marine park is 75,265 hectares, there are several islands namely, Bunaken, Manado island, Naen island, islands and island Mantehage Siladen.

Bunaken National ParkBunaken Park has a 20 point dive depth different from the superficial to the deepest 1.344m. Of the 20 point dive 12 dozen of them were right on Bunaken Island, the twelfth spot dives into places most visited by tourists lovers of the underwater world. The divers often visit to Bunaken island for its exoticism that makes them stunned. The tourists more often dive west to the southeastern section of Bunaken Island. West to the southeast region there is a giant rock walls stand vertically and curved upward. The beauty of the underwater world of coral reefs one of which is, that is the one advantage and uniqueness of the island.


In addition to Marine Park, snorkel in Bunaken Island is also very popular with the tourists. The beauty of underwater life in the Bunaken National Park makes foreign and local tourists amazed - amazed at the beauty that is still awake.

Admission tickets for local tourist island of Bunaken pegged rate Rp.25.000,- USD and foreign tourists. 50.000,-. The price of admission is in accordance with the budget travelers who want to vacation with the family, especially for the backpacker.

On the islands of Bunaken also provide underwater camera to capture the tourist activities while under the sea. Bunaken Island is in gold segitga world's coral reefs are scattered from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor to the Solomon Islands. If you want to enjoy the beauty of marine life that is still preserved naturalness , then visit the Bunaken Island.



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