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Outbound Activities | China Activities TourChina Activities Tour - the world’s oldest living civilisation, with a written history dating back to more than 3,500 years. Its Chinese name zhong guo means 'middle country' or 'the central kingdom'; the ancient Chinese had believed that their country was the geographical centre of the world and its only civilised culture. Tour to China takes the travelers to some of the most exquisite locations on the Chinese mainland that are really worth visiting and sight seeing. These places occurring both within China as well as outside are destinations popular to tourists across the globe. Tourist now calls China "Bamboo Curtain Country" Sentosa Tour offers extensive holiday packages to the international travelers to places within China and abroad like:


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 Some of the important activity Tours to China are enlisted below :

  * Giant Panda Bears China Adventure takes the tourists to view Chinese wildlife
  * China: Walk The Great Wall offers the travelers facilities for hiking and trekking in China
  * China Multi-sport Vacation takes tourist for hiking and trekking in China
  * Highlights of China Vacations and China Family Adventure meant for a cultural tour round the Chinese mainland
  * Tour of the Islands of China is meant for observation of the nature in China
  * China Insight provides a detail and overall viewing of the mainland of China


Beijing - China TourBeijing / Peking - This key military and trading centre was fought over and conquered by the Jurchen Jin and the Mongolians, who named it Zhongdu and Dadu respectively. It later became the capital of the Ming Dynasty and renamed Beijing. Home of the Forbidden Palace, Beijing was also the centre of power during the Qing Dynasty and still is today.




Shanghai - China TourShanghai / Nanjing - Nanjing began as two ancient cities built during the Warring States period, and was the site of a military fortress built by Sun Quan of Wu kingdom during the period of the Three Kingdoms. Home to some ten dynastic regimes, Nanjing became a key ancient cultural centre when scholars and craftsmen fled here from invading northern nomads after the Western Jin Dynasty fell.


Hangzhou - China TourHangzhou - Heavily fought over during the spring and autumn and Warring States periods, its name was given during the Sui Dynasty and was the capital during the Southern Song Dynasty. Marco Polo visited this strategic city during the Yuan Dynasty.






Suzhou - China TourSuzhou - Mentioned as early as 400BC, Suzhou was for a time the capital of Wu state during the Warring States period. It flourished as a trading and silk-producing centre in the early 6th century, linked to other parts of China through the Grand Canal. Suzhou was a key cultural centre during the Ming and Qing dynasties.





Yangzhou - China TourYangzhou - Built in 486BC during the spring and autumn period, Yangzhou was a political and military base during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It also served as an important harbour and commercial node since antiquity, distributing key resources such as salt, iron and grain to the surrounding regions.





Xian - China TourXi’an - Previously called Chang’an, Xi’an was a cultural centre along the Silk road and the capital for 12 dynasties including the Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Sui and Tang dynasties. It is also the resting places of many Chinese emperors, including the grand mausoleum of Emperor Qin of the Qin Dynasty.





Chengdu - China TourChengdu - Chengdu has been a government administrative centre since ancient times. It was the capital of Liu Bei’s Shu kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period, as well as the capital of Sichuan since the Yuan Dynasty. Also a major commercial centre, Chengdu marks the beginning of the southern Silk Road route.





China - Beijing Interesting Places & Things to Do


Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Nanyuan Airport

Amusement and Theme parks

Beijing Aquarium


Banks and Currency Exchange

Bank of China


Bar Blu

Botanical Gardens and Zoos

Beijing Zoo

Beijing Botanical Gardens

Colleges and Universities

Peking University

Tsinghua University

Beijing Language And Culture University

Beijing University of Technology

Convention and Exhibition Centers

Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

Embassies and Consulates

Embassy of Canada

Famous Buildings

Forbidden City

Tian An Men Square

Summer Palace

Bell Tower

Laoshe Former Residence

Famous Streets

San Li Tun Bar Street

Central Business District

Wangfujing Snack Street

Nanluogu Xiang Street

Qianmen Dajie Street

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The People's Hospital


Silk Market

Xiu Shui Silk Market

Hongqiao Market

Xu Ri Shopping Market

Monuments and Landmarks

Ba Da Ling Great Wall

Mu Tian Yu Great Wall

Tiananmen Gate (Gate of Heavenly Peace)

Drum TowerGate of Heavenly Peace

The National Olympic Sport Center

Beijing Theater

Ming Dynasty Tombs

Aolinpike Park

Songqingling Tongzhi Former Residence

Museums and Art Galleries

798 Art District

Museum of Natural History

National Art Museum of China

Artistic Mansion

Natural History Museum

Capital Museum

Imperial City Art Museum

Beijing Imperial City Art Museum

China National Museum

National Parks

Olympic Park

Places of Worship

Lama TempleTemple of Heaven

Beijing Confucius Temple

Public Parks

Beihai Park

Ritan Park

Jingshan Park

Restaurants and Cafes

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant

1001 Nights Muslim Restaurant

BookwormNo Name Restaurant

Hutong Pizza Restaurant

Sichuan Restaurant



Shopping Centers and Areas

Wang Fu Jing Street

Qian Men Street

Xidan Shopping Center

Seasons Place Shopping Mall


Silk Street

3.3 Shopping Centre

Beijing Silk Store

Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market

China World Shopping Mall


Sports Venues

Beijing National Stadium (The Birdsnest)

National Stadium

Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

China National Convention Center

China International Exhibition Center



National Grand Theatre

Laodong Theatre

Tian Qiao Theater

Red TheatreTianqiao Acrobatics Theatre


Things to do

Ancient Observatory

Beijing Concert Hall

Dongyuan Theatrical Stage


Train, Metro and Bus Stations

Dongcheng Subway Station

Dongsi Shitiao Subway Station

Dongzhimen Subway Station

Jianguomen Subway Station

Wangfujing Subway Station

Guomao Subway Station

Tian'an Men East Subway Station

Chongwenmen Subway Station

Dongdan Subway Station

Tian'an Men West Subway Station

Xidan Subway Station

Andingmen Subway Station

Gulou Dajie Subway Station

Yong An Li Subway Station

Chaoyangmen Subway Station

Qianmen Subway Station



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China - Shanghai Interesting Places & Things to Do


Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Amusement and Theme parks

Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Banks and Currency Exchange

Bank of China Tower


Bar RougeI Love Shanghai Bar

Botanical Gardens and Zoos

Yu Yuan Garden

Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Botanic Garden

Business Offices

Jin Mao Tower

HSBC Bank Building

Colleges and Universities

Fudan University

Convention and Exhibition Centers

Shanghai International Convention Center

SNIEC Exhibition Hall

Famous Buildings

No 18 The Bund

Shanghai World Financial Center

Waibaidu Bridge

Jinmao TowerAsia Building (1, The Bund)

Famous Streets

Nanjing Pedestrian Street

Duolun Road Cultural Street


Hong Qi Xiang Fabric Market

Monuments and Landmarks

Oriental Pearl Tower

People's Square

Riverside Promenade WaterfrontIntex Exhibition Center

Nanpu Bridge

Museums and Art Galleries

Shanghai Museum

50 Moganshan Road Art Centre

Shanghai History Museum

National Parks

Guilin Park

Places of Worship

Jing'an Temple

Jade Buddha Temple

Long Hua Temple


Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Public Parks

Zhongshan Park

Houtan Park

Renmin Park

Restaurants and Cafes

City Shop Restaurant

M on the Bund Restaurant

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Element Fresh Cafe

Rivers and Lakes

Huangpu River

Shopping Centers and Areas

Super Brand Mall

Shanghai Cheap Road (Qi Pu Road)

Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Plaza 66 Shopping Mall

Raffles Square

Sogo Shanghai Shopping Mall

Grand Gateway Plaza

Metro Plaza

Shanghai Mart

Shanghai Outlets

Westgate Mall

Wu Jiao Chang Shopping Mall

Cloud Nine Shopping Mall

No 1 Department Store

Hong Kong Plaza

Central Plaza

The Shanghai Landmark Building

Pacific Department Store Huaihai

Hongqiao Friendship Shopping Center

Parkson Huaihai Department Stores

Huating Isetan Shopping Center

Pacific Department Store Xuhui

Peace Square

CITIC Square

New World Department Store Huaihai

Shanghai No 1 Department Store

Shanghai Shimao International Plaza

Fuxing Plaza

Golden Eagle Shopping Mall


Mandara SpaLulu Massage

Sports Venues

Shanghai Stadium


Shanghai Grand Theater

Things to do

The Bund Historic Area

Xintiandi Street

Qibao Historical Town

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

Tourist and Travel Info

Shanghai Information Centre for Int'l Visitors

Tourist Information and Service Centre

Train, Metro and Bus Stations

East Nanjing Road Metro Station

Longyang Road Metro Station

West Nanjing Road Metro Station

Jing'an Temple Metro Station

Century Avenue Metro Station

Hongqiao Road Metro Station

Xu Jia Hui Metro Station

North Zhongshan Road Metro Station

Jiangsu Road Metro Station

South Shaanxi Road Metro Station

Hanzhong Road Metro Station

Dapuqiao Metro Station

Dashijie Metro Station

Shanghai Circus World Metro Station

Shanghai Indoor Stadium Metro Station

Nanpu Bridge Metro Station

Pudong Avenue Metro




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