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Japan Activities Tour - is an island nation that is located in East Asia. Japan is sometimes known as “The Land of the Rising Sun” and even though its history goes back for thousands of years and they retain a lot of their ancient culture, they are also headliners in some of the most modern technology, fashions and trends. The country is a very homogeneous one, meaning that almost 99 percent of the country is made up of only Japanese people. The people in this country are well known for their politeness, so if you find yourself lost or bewildered while visiting, you will probably find someone who is most willing to help you. If you do travel to Japan, a passport is almost always required, however you will probably not need a Visa if you are from one of the 62 countries that have agreements with Japan about travel in between countries. Listed below are some of the top tourist attractions in Japan for sightseeing. Find information about Japanese famous landmarks and top tourist spots to visit. Plan your trip in advanced and enjoy your stay in Japan with travelsentosa.com


Japan is a country that offers the tourist exotic beauty and marvelous attractions.  Unfortunately, Japan is a country where the language barrier can make travel difficult for the English-speaking visitor. Traveling in Japan is more challenging and takes more effort than traveling in Europe, but we think you will find that the rewards are more than worth the effort. Japan has so many outstanding places to visit during a vacation that it is difficult to choose among them. We know that your vacation time is both brief and valuable. Our recommendations for the best places to visit will help you find the right place for your vacation in Japan.

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 Some of the important activity Tours to Japan are enlisted below :

Japan offers a very wide range of attractions, from historical and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic

sights and beautiful forests, mountains and sea coasts.


Tokyo - JapanTokyo - Although Japan is in the midst of a recession, Tokyo is vibrant and alive. One of the world's main economic centers - and most populous metropolitan areas - Tokyo is a city that presents a different view of itself at every turn. Starkly modern, it becomes a jewel box at night with a glittering display of neon and fluorescent lights. But you can retreat to quiet cobbled lanes and sculpted gardens for the harmony, scale and simplicity the Japanese have prized for centuries. Look down one street and you'll see nothing but neon and concrete, but around the corner you may find yourself in the bonsai-lined courtyard of a traditional inn.


Mount Fuji - JapanMount Fuji - This familiar snowcapped symbol of Japan is 12,388 ft/3,774 m high, but it does not require any special mountain-climbing skills or equipment to ascend. Five trails lead to the summit; each has 10 rest stops (called "stations") along the way. The vast majority of climbers take a bus halfway to the top and begin hiking from the fifth station (the climb from there to the summit takes 5-6 hours). Starting from the bottom is tricky because lower sections of the trails are signposted only in Japanese. For the best views (or only views, for that matter), be at the summit around sunrise - clouds cloak Fuji's peak by about 9 am. If you are climbing for the view, you'll have to hike up at night (take a  flashlight and warm clothes) or overnight at one of the stations. Basic huts (meals provided) should be booked in advance through the Japan National Tourist Organization. Daytime hikers should avoid the trek on Sundays, when Japanese nature lovers clog the trails (don't be surprised by the mountains of litter along the way). The season for climbing is the beginning of July until the end of August.


Kyoto - JapanKyoto -If you can visit only one city in Japan, Kyoto is the one. This ancient city (pop. 1,849,000) was the capital of Japan for more than a thousand years and still is considered the country's spiritual capital. Kyoto is graced with an abundance of temples, palaces, gardens and museums (as well as plenty of tourists, so expect crowds). Kyoto also is famed for its rock gardens, with their carefully raked gravel and asymetrically placed stones. Among the best-known is the Garden at Ryoanji Temple, with 15 rocks arranged in five groups on white sand. The design is said to symbolize a mother tiger and her cubs swimming toward a fearful dragon.

Osaka - JapanOsaka - the new construction and renovation of old buildings and parks have breathed fresh life into the place. This look to the future makes for a nice contrast to the city's ancient political and religious past. Since the city was established as Japan's first capital in the 7th century, it has always been a place of culture - a fact greatly overlooked even by Japanese. Many of the nation's arts originated there: the tea ceremony, flower arrangement and the performing arts of Bunraku, Kabuki and Noh. Today, it's known for its writers, artists, musicians and comedians.

Ryukyu Islands - JapanRyukyu Islands - Once the site of some of the most hard-fought battles of World War II, today the Ryukyu Islands are a relaxing blend of Asian and South Pacific culture. Naha, on Okinawa, is the capital of the islands. While the capital has a good vegetable market and a couple of interesting sites - including the ruins of the Shuri Castle and the Sogen Temple - the main reason for visiting the islands is to enjoy the beaches and assorted water sports, including diving. The smaller islands of Ishigaki, Miyako and Iriomote can be visited by boat from Okinawa.


Japan - Tokyo Interesting Places & Things to Do



Bandar Udara Internasional Narita

Bandar Udara Internasional Haneda


Bangunan Terkenal

Menara Tokyo

Istana Kekaisaran Tokyo

Kuil Meiji Jingu

Kuil Yasukuni

Pusat Kota Shiodome

Tokyo City View

Gedung Sony


Gedung Pertunjukan

Teater Kabuki

Jalan Terkenal


Persimpangan Shibuya

Shinjuku Nichome

Takeshita Do-ri


Jalan Nakamise

Kota Listrik Akihabara (Denki-Gai)

Cyuo Douri

Kebun Raya dan Kebun Binatang

Taman Shinjuku GyoenHama Rikyu

Taman Shinjuku Central

Taman EbisuRikugien

Taman Koishikawa Korakuen

Monumen dan Landmark


Gedung Pemerintahan Metropolitan Tokyo


Distrik Gedung Pencakar Langit Shinjuku

Jembatan Pelangi

Istana Akasaka

Patung Hachi

Asakusa-Jinja (Kuil Asakusa)


Museum dan Galeri Seni


Museum Nasional Tokyo

Museum Edo-Tokyo

Museum Alam dan Sains Nasional

Museum Seni Mori

Museum Ghibli


Pasar Ikan Tsukiji

Pusat dan Area Perbelanjaan

Shinjuku Isetan

Perbelanjaan Shibuya 109

Takashimaya Times Square

Ginza Mitsukoshi

Pertokoan Tokyo

Sunshine City

Kompleks Midtown

Venus Fort

Omotesando Hills

Pusat Perbelanjaan Akasaka Sacus

Sun Street Kameido

Restoran dan Kafe

@Home Café


Stasiun Kereta, Metro dan Bus

Stasiun Kereta Shinjuku

Stasiun Tokyo

Stasiun JR Ueno

Stasiun JR Shibuya

Stasiun METRO Asakusa

Stasiun JR ShinagawaS

tasiun JR Shinbashi

Stasiun Ikebukuro

Stasiun METRO Ginza

Stasiun JR Akihabara

Stasiun Akasaka

Stasiun JR Takadanobaba

Stasiun METRO Roppongi

Stasiun Hanzomon

Stasiun JR Hamamatsucho

Stasiun JR Shinokubo

Stasiun Higashi Shinjuku

Stasiun JR Tamachi


Bic Camera

Tōkyū HandsYodobashi Camera

Fasilitas Olah Raga

Stadion SumoTokyo Dome

Taman Hiburan dan Bermain

Tokyo Disney Sea

Dokyo Dome City

Asakusa Hanayashiki

Namco Namjatown

Sanrio Puroland

Tokyo Disneyland

Taman Kota

Taman Ueno

Taman Yoyogi

Shinjuku-Gyōen (Taman Shinjuku)

Tempat Ibadah

Kuil Sensoji


Distrik Perbelanjaan Shibuya

Distrik Asakusa

Bukit Roppongi

Sisi Barat Shinjuku

Shinjuku Eastside

Jalan Raya Omotesando


Asakusa Rox




Asakusa Kannon Onsen

Tokyo Rent a Bike

Kedutaan dan Konsulat

Kedutaan Amerika Serikat

Sekolah Tinggi dan Universitas

Universitas Tokyo

Info Pariwisata dan Perjalanan

Tourist Information Center

Sentosa Express Tours Tokyo Travel Agent Rep.



Japan - Osaka Interesting Places & Things to Do



Bandara Internasional Kansai

Bandara Internasional Osaka

Bangunan Terkenal

Kastil Osaka

Properti Budaya Penting Kastil Osaka Ichiban

Osaka Castle Hall

Menara WTC Cosmo

Osaka Securities Exchange

Dermaga dan Pelabuhan

Pelabuhan Osaka

Fasilitas Olah Raga

Kyocera Dome Osaka

Gedung Pertunjukan

National Bunraku Theater

Info Pariwisata dan Perjalanan

A'cross Travellers Bureau



Jalan Terkenal

Jalan Raya Midosuji

Jalan Kecil Hozenji-Yokocho

Kebun Raya dan Kebun Binatang

Kebun Binatang Tennoji

Kebun Binatang Tennoji

Monumen dan Landmark

Umeda Sky Building

Bianglala HEP FIVE


Simbol Manusia Glico

Taman Peringatan Expo


Floating Garden Observatory

Museum dan Galeri Seni

Museum Perumahan dan Kehidupan Osaka

Museum Sains Osaka

Museum Seni Nasional, Osaka

Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

Museum Suntory

Pusat dan Area Perbelanjaan

Namba City

Perbelanjaan Daimaru Shinsaibashi

Yodobashi Camera

Kompleks Perbelanjaan Hep Five/Navio

Perbelanjaan Takashimaya

Shinsaibashi OPA

Den Den Town

LOFT Umeda / Shinsaibashi

Perbelanjaan Hankyu

Bic Camera

Jalan Perbelanjaan Ebisubashi-suji

Namba Parks

Tokyu Hands

Minami Semba

Namba Walk

Perbelanjaan HanshinJoshin Namba

Perbelanjaan Doguya-Suji

Tenjimbashi-suji Shopping Street

Hankyu Sanbangai

Namba Marui

Pusat Perbelanjaan Bawah Tanah Dojima

Universal City Walk Osaka

Crysta Nagahori


Nippombashi DEN-DEN Town

Whity UmedaHilton Plaza

LABI 1 NAMBA (Yamada Denki)

Diamor Osaka

Jalan Perbelanjaan Shinsaibashi-suji

Pusat Hiburan


Restoran dan Kafe


Maishima Autocamp Site & Barbacue Garden

Grand Café

Ganko Zushi


Tonkatsu Ganko

Taman Nasional

Taman Kastil Osaka



Pasar Kuromon Ichiba

Pasar Grosir Osaka Central






Spa World

Pemandian Air Panas Spa World

Stasiun Kereta, Metro dan Bus

Stasiun Osaka

Stasiun Namba

Stasiun Shinsaibashi

Terminal Udara Osaka City

Stasiun Honmachi

Stasiun Tennoji

Sungai dan Danau

Air Terjun Minoh

Minatomachi River Place

Taman Hiburan dan Bermain

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


Info Pariwisata dan Perjalanan

Tourist Information Center

Sentosa Express Tours Tokyo Travel Agent Rep.

Tempat Ibadah

Kuil Kiyomizudera (Osaka)

Kuil Shitennoji


Distrik Perbelanjaan Dotombori

Universal Studio

Hep Five


Kota Shin Umeda

Bianglala Raksasa Tempozan

Namba Grand Kagetsu

Umeda Joypolis

Cosmo Square

Desa Pelabuhan Tenpozan

Kita Shinchi

Yoshimoto Shotengai

Jembatan Ebisu-bashi

Kids Plaza Osaka

OAP (Osaka Amenity Park)

OBP (Osaka Business Park)



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