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Maybe a lot of people who think the island of Karimun just a dock or temporary haven . The main dock is located on the island of Karimun area of 4302.5 hectares , making it the first place to be visited by everyone who came . The island is also home to most of the people living there are facilities that are relatively more complete than the other islands . Homestay and hotels are more scattered islands make most travelers choose this as their home base , a place to go home and rest after spending the day snorkeling and exploring the small islands of the exotic . Many are not aware that Karimun island also holds the potential of outstanding beauty .


Intimate atmosphere of a small village so pronounced . Row houses flanking the narrow streets . Small smile and friendly hello as residents welcome anyone with a familiarity that is distinctive and understated . Rows of green mountains standing firm in the center of the island . Is a lowland tropical rain forest , the mountains are the habitat of deer , dozens of bird species , long-tailed monkeys , and various other types of animals . Trees Dewadaru ( Mesua ferrea L ) , a typical tree is considered sacred by the Publications locals also grown with the proliferation in the forest . Quite challenging trekking the main attraction for those who have an adventurous spirit . Waiting for the sun from the top of a hill or down to the shores of the beautiful virgin in the east of the island is well worth a try .

Karimun Jawa Island - Central Java

Although not too big , square karimunjawa near the sea became the main place for residents beranjangsana , sitting under a tree Walnuts while talking or watching the kids play football and cycling . Not too far to the west , there is a fishing pier . Sitting relaxed on a boat moored while enjoying the calm sea that stretches in front of feels very soothing . When dusk arrived and the sky slowly turned orange , bright rays of the sun began to subside and then go down and disappear behind the horizon . Wow , the beauty is difficult to express in words .

At nightfall , square back into the center of people's lives . Various stalls selling unique culinary karimunjawa filled by locals as well as tourists . Dropped by a souvenir shop in the complex to be an alternative to hunting for souvenirs . Various key chains , bracelets and Kalimasada Stigi wood , t-shirts , to salted fish and dried seaweed sold here . Want to try something different ? Fishing pier offers an unforgettable experience , sitting on a boat while enjoying the peace of the night and stare at the flickering thousands of stars .




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