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Outbound Activities | Middle East - Turkey Activities TourTurkey Activities Tour - Tourism in Turkey is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts. In the recent years, Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health care tourism. In 2011, Turkey attracted more than 31.5 million foreign tourists,ranking as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Istanbul is one of the most important tourism spots not only in Turkey but also in the world. There are thousands of hotels and other tourist-oriented industries in the city, catering to both vacationers and visiting professionals. Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, has a number of major attractions derived from its historical status as capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. These include the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the "Blue Mosque"), the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapı Palace, the Basilica Cistern, the Dolmabahçe Palace, the Galata Tower, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, and the Pera Palace Hotel. Istanbul has also recently became one of the biggest shopping centers of the European region by hosting malls and shopping centers, such as Metrocity, Akmerkez and Cevahir Mall, which is the biggest mall in Europe and seventh largest shopping center in the world. Other attractions include sporting events, museums, and cultural events.

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Some of the important City to Turkey :

Beach vacations and Blue Cruises, particularly for Turkish delights and visitors from Western Europe, are also central to the Turkish tourism industry. Most beach resorts are located along the southwestern and southern coast, called the Turkish Riviera, especially along the Mediterranean coast near Antalya. Antalya is also accepted as the tourism capital of Turkey. Major resort towns include Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kuşadası, Çeşme, Didim and Alanya.

Istanbul - Turkey TourIstanbul - İstanbul, which was known as a capital of the capital cities, and created a big peace of geographies with regaining to first Roma, and then Eastern Roman (Byzantium) Empire and continents, and was the capital city of Ottoman Empire, is going to a modern future with preserving magnificence of history with proud. Variety in İstanbul is really charming the visitors. It is serving infinite nuances with its museums, churches, palaces, mosques, bazaar places and natural beauties. When you lean against backside at the coast of the strait, you feel İstanbul as "center of the world" and understand why people select this extraordinary place centuries before with watching the reflection of the red at sun set from the houses at the coast.


Canakkale - Turkey TourCanakkaleThe province of Canakkale lies on both sides of the Dardanelles which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea. Its shores touch both Europe (with the Gelibolu Peninsula) and Asia (with the Biga Peninsula) and there are ferries here between the two sides. The well‐equipped Canakkale Marina, besides those of Karabiga, Gelibolu, Bozcaada and Kucukkuyu, hosts the colorful yachts which pass through the strait and make a stopover at Canakkale, to see this historical and mythological‐rich area‐homeland of many widely known legends. The province has witnessed two very important battles in history. One of them is the mythological war of Troy, which Homer immortalized in his Illiad.


Cappadoia - Turkey TourCappadocia - Cappadocian Region displays a beautiful combination of nature and history. The geographic movements had formed the "peri bacaları"(Fair chimneys) and during the historical development process, mankind had settled and inhabited these natural wonders, fairy chimneys and carved houses and churches inside these formations and adorned these settlements with frescos, carrying the traces of the thousands of years of their civilizations. The current Cappadocian Region is an area covering Nevşehir, Aksaray, Niğde, Kayseri and as for the more narrow rocky Cappadocian Region, Üçhisar, Ürgüp, Avanos, Göreme, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Ihlara and its environs will be included.


Safranbolu - Turkey TourSafranbolu - Safranbolu is a town boasting a glorious collection of old Ottoman houses, with a rich collection of pieces of art which represents traditional Turkish life and culture. Its rich history and success in preserving it earned the town an inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The best known for its old Turkish houses, the town is attracting more attention especially as these 19th century homes are gradually disappearing from other areas of Turkey. Visitors enjoying walking along the old narrow cobbled streets, and seeing some of the traditional crafts and trades that are still practised today. It is also known as the Capital City of Preservation, acknowledging its ability to hold onto not only pieces of art, but also the atmosphere.


Bergama - Turkey TourBergama - Located 100 km from north of İzmir in the Bakırçay river basin, Bergama is one of the Turkey's oldest civilized settlements which, has been inhabited from pre‐historic times through the Ionic, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. It has yielded archeological treasures of which importance is recognized world‐wide.To the southwest of Bergama, Asclepion, an important health center of the ancient world, the acropolis founded on top of a steep hill (300 m) and the Temple of Serapis (Kızıl Avlu) make this area a fascinating stop for history loving tourists. The Altar of Zeus was smuggled to Germany in 1897.

Selcuk - Turkey TourSelcuk - It is in the south of Izmir on the south Aegean, Selcuk has been transformed since the 1990s into a major tourist destination, mainly as a base to visit the famous ruins of Ephesus a few kilometres away. The ancient classical city is one of the best preserved in the eastern Mediterranean and is a great example of Roman architecture. Selcuk has many historical remains of early Christianity, including a house which many believe to have been visited by the Virgin Mary, and Ayasoluk Hill where St John write his Gospel. There are many small hotels and guest‐houses, restaurants and shops which makes the town a good base to explore the area. The town gets busy during the famous annual camel wrestling festival, held in Ephesus around February. Germany in 1897.


Pamukkale - Turkey TourPamukkale - The stunning white calcium pools, which cling to the side of a ridge, have long been one of the most famous picture postcard views of Turkey. Pamukkale, literally meaning “cotton castle”, is also the site of the ancient city of Hierapolis of which there are many interesting ruins, and is a very popular destination for a short visit. Pamukkale was formed when a spring with a high content of dissolved calcium bicarbonate cascaded over the edge of the cliff, which cooled and hardened leaving calcium deposits. This formed into natural pools, shelves and ridges, which tourists could plunge and splash in the warm water.


Bursa - Turkey TourBursa - Known as “Green Bursa”, this province stands on the lower slopes of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543m.) The title “Green” of Bursa comes from its gardens and parks, and of course from its being in the middle of an important fruit growing region.Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman/Turkish Empire. Now Bursa is the 5th largest city of Turkey with 1.8 million inhabitants. Uludag is the largest and most celebrated winter‐sports center in Turkey.It is 36 kms from Bursa and easily accessible by car or cable‐car (teleferik) The area is also a national park and is worth a visit at any time of the year.


Ankara - Turkey TourAnkara - Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city after İstanbul. The city has a mean elevation of 850 m (2800 ft), and as of 2007 the city had a population of 3,901,201, which includes eight districts under the city's administration. Ankara also serves as the capital of Ankara Province. Before the Turkish War of Independence brought Kemal Atatürk and his generals to Ankara as a wartime command post, Ankara was a small town with a Roman citadel on a high hill and a brisk trade in Angora wool, the long, fine hair of the Angora goat. As with many ancient cities, Ankara has gone by several names over the ages: The Hittites gave it the name Ankuwash before 1200 BC.The Galatians and Romans called it Ancyra. In the classical, Hellenistic, and Byzantine periods it was known as Ánkyra. It was also known as Angora after it fell to the Seljuks in 1073, and was so known up until 1930.

Konya - Turkey TourKonya - Konya is Turkey's city of Whirling Dervishes, and has been for 800 years. Located about three hours' drive south of Ankara, it's an extremely old city, its roots going back to the days of the Hittites, who called it Kuwanna. As a Roman city, it was Iconium. Alongside a generally high level of instruction and very modern buildings, Konya has a reputation of being one of the more religiously conservative metropolitan centers in Turkey. The reason to visit Konya is to see the Mevlana Museum which shelters the tomb of Jelaleddin Rumî (1207‐ 1273), known to his followers as Mevlana (or Rumî), a Muslim poet and mystic and one of the great spiritual thinkers and teachers of all time. Konya was the capital of the Seljuk Turkish Sultanate of Rum ("ROOM," that is, Rome) which flourished in Central Anatolia from 1071 to 1275.

Iznik - Turkey TourIznik - İznik, with its thousand of years cultural heritage, occupied an important place in history. Having been the capital of four empires, it is one of the remarkable settlement places. There are traces of a civilisation dates back to 2500 BC in Karadin, Çiçekli, Yüğücek and Çakırca Mounds near İznik. The settlement before the immigrations of Trak Tribes in the 7th century BC, took the name of Helikare. The word of ‘Khryseapolis’ (Golden City) was printed on the coins having been minted in the city. Nicaea got acquainted with Christianity by the efforts of Petrus, one of the disciples of Bithynia. During the reign of Emperor Constantine the 1st, the prohibitions on Christianity were removed. In the early summer of 325 AD, Nicaea was the scene of an important meeting of 1st Consul in Senatus Palace. A text comprising of 20 articles, known as Nicaea Laws, and Christianity Feast Days were approved after this consul. In 787 AD, 7th Consul gathered in Hagia Sophia Church in İznik. The prohibitions on paintings and statues were removed under the leadership of Empress Irene. İznik has also been the capital city of the Seljuks and Byzantines through history. İznik became an art centre during the 14th and 15th centuries, and world wide famous tiles and ceramics were produced here. Its city texture, with its grid‐planned city settlement from Hellenistic Age and monumental structures from the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, has still been preserving in İznik.


Antalya - Turkey TourAntalya - Pergamum King Attalos II ordered his soilders to discover the retreat of heaven on earth. Upon this command, the soilders had wondered around it till they came to the place of Antalya and exclaimed "This is heaven". Then founded city “Attaleia" today enables you to feel like you are in heaven. Stretching out along the coastline of Antalya, Alanya, Manavgat‐Side, Kemer, Kaş, Finike, Serik, Demre and many other destinations expect you for a holiday never to be forgotten.



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