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Vietnam Activities Tour - Vietnam is located on the Eastern part of the Indochina peninsula, bordering China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West with a long land border of 4,550 km and facing the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) and the Pacific to the East and the South. Territorial map of mainland Vietnam resembles an S shape, stretching from 23°23' to 8°27' North latitude. Territorial area is estimated to be 331.689 square kilometers and its total length is 1,650 km from the northernmost point to the southernmost point. Its width, stretching from the East coast to the Western border, is about 500 km at the widest part and about 50 km at the narrowest part. Vietnam is capped by two delta regions at either end of the country - the Red River in the North and Mekong (Cuu Long) in the South, connected by a fertile strip of Central Highlands and the extensive Truong Son Range. Its capital, Hanoi, is situated on the Red River delta. The second largest administrative city, Ho Chi Minh City, is located on the banks of Saigon River in the south. The total population of Vietnam is over 83 million (as of 2005), of which Vietnamese (Kinh) ethnicity makes up more than 85 per cent, along with 53 ethnic minority groups. Buddhism and Catholicism are Vietnam’s dominant religions, along with other religions, such as Hoa Hao, Cao Dai, Protestantism and Muslim.


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 Some of the important activity Tours to Vietnam are enlisted below :


Saigon - Vietnam TourHo Chi Minh / Saigon -  situated in the southern part of Vietnam, is still called Saigon by most of the locals. This modern city used to be considered as the "Pearl of the Orient" by the French. The wide Saigon River, which takes a huge turn from the east of Saigon, links the city with the sea. Unlike Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City may lack charm and elegance, but the city, with its essential French colonial character, has enough to draw your attention. The city's colonial villas, wide avenues and a lively cafe society remind you of the days of French dominance. Over the last 10 years, Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City has experienced a spectacular change in it's cityscape. The once low rise landscape of the city's central area, District 1, is now marked with shining skyscrapers including high - rise apartments, international hotels and office buildings. The bustling, vibrant industrial hub of the nation is also Vietnam's biggest city. Saigon is also the cultural centre and economic capial of the country.


Hanoi - Vietnam TourHanoi City Just as the Vietnamese people have survived countless wars and strife throughout its long history, so has the city of Hanoi. This river city plays host to numerous relics left behind by various dynasties throughout its thousand-year history in the form of over 600 temples and pagodas, most notably the Temple of Literature and One Pillar Pagoda. Situated at the right bank of the Red River, Hanoi is particularly famous for its scenic lakes where floating restaurants serving delicious Vietnamese cuisine abound.


Halong - Vietnam TourHalong Bay - Halong Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders, and is the most beautiful tourist destination of Vietnam. Halong Bay features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes along the 120-km coastline of Bai Chay Beach. Its waters are host to a great diversity of ecosystems including offshore coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests, mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes, and sandy beaches. The folk tale has it that the dragons descended from heaven to help locals by spitting jewels and jade to the sea, forming a natural fortress against invaders; these precious stones are represented by the lush green outcrops. Several islands boast beautiful grottos and caves with contiguous chambers, hidden ponds and peculiar stone formations. Halong Bay is about 170 kilometers northeast of Hanoi and 3,5 hours by road.


Mekong Delta - Vietnam Tour

Mekong Delta - The Mekong River is among the biggest rivers in the World, starting its nearly 5,000km course from the Tibetan Plateau traveling its way through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong River discharges its water into the East Vietnam Sea in southern Vietnam via its nine major tributaries. For this reason, the local people call it the Cuu Long River (or the River of Nine Dragons) and the Delta created by sediments of the Mekong's tributaries is called Dong Bang Song Cuu Long – The Mekong Delta.


Cuchi Tunnel - Vietnam Tour

Cu Chi Tunnel - If the resilient spirit of Vietnam can be symbolized by a point , then a few candidates could make a stronger case of Cu Chi . This is a larger district in HCMC now has a population of about 350,000 , but during the American War has about 80,000 inhabitants . At first glance there is little evidence here to indicate heavy fighting , bombing and destruction that occurred in Cu Chi during the war . To see what happens , you have to dig deeper - underground.

Vungtau City - Vietnam Tour

Vungtau City - This beautiful coastal city - Vung Tau is 128 kilometres Southeast of Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon City) and 90 kilometres north of the town of Bien Hoa. With 15 kilometres of coastline, Vung Tau is endowed with many beautiful swimming and sunbathing beaches such as Bai Sau, Bai Dua and Bai Dau. The beach at Bai Truoc is an excellent spot for sightseeing. Bai Sau (Back Beach) is known locally as Thuy Van. This is one of the largest and most attractive swimming beaches Vietnam has to offer. Bai Truoc ( Front Beach) is also known as Tam Duong. It looks like a small body of water adjacent to the open sea, which is almost free from large aves.


Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Interesting Places & Things to Do


Bandar Udara Internasional Tan Son Nhat

Bandar Udara Internasioanal Long Thanh

Bangunan Terkenal

Nha Hat Thanh Pho (Gedung Opera)

Penjara Chi Hoa

Pagoda Giac Lam

Bank dan Bursa Valas

Vietcombank Foreign Exchange


Saigon Saigon Bar

Allez Boo Bar

Gossip Club

Q Bar

Dermaga dan Pelabuhan

Pelabuhan Saigon

Feri Thu Thiem

Gedung Pertunjukan

Teater Wayang Air Golden Dragon

Teater Kota

Info Pariwisata dan Perjalanan

Tourist Information Center

TNK Travel

Saigon Tourist

Kim Travel

Jalan Terkenal

China Town

Pusat Pameran & Pertemuan Saigon /Phu My Hung

Thao Dien

Taman Cong Vien Van Hoa

Ho Con Rua

Hang Xanh

Kebun Raya dan Kebun Binatang

Kebun Binatang Thao Cam Vien

Taman Dam Sen

Kebun Raya

Monumen dan Landmark

Gedung Komisi Rakyat

Jembatan Thu Thiem

Ha Chuong Hoi Quan

Jembatan Tan Thuan

Jembatan Calmette

Pagoda Nghia An Hoi Quan

Pagoda Phuoc An Hoi Quan

Museum dan Galeri Seni

Museum Peninggalan Perang

Istana Merdeka

Museum Seni Rupa

Bao Tang Cach Mang Thanh Pho

Museum Ho Chi Minh

Museum Militer

Museum SejarahOng Mausoleum


Pasar Ben Thanh

Pasar Binh Tay

Pasar An Dong

Pasar Malam Cho Dem

Pasar Lama


Saigon Centre

Parkson Plaza

Tax Department Store

Huynh Thuc Khang Street Market

Co-op MartDan Sinh Market

Pusat dan Area Perbelanjaan

Saigon Square

Thuong Xa Tax Trade Center

Zen Plaza

Saigon Paragon

Saigon Square 2Lotte Mart

Eden Shopping Mall


Pusat Hiburan

Apocalypse Now



Aqua Day Spa

Taman Kota

Pagoda Giac Vien

Restoran dan Kafe

Pho 24 Restaurant

Pho 2000 Restaurant

Quan An Ngon

Highlands Coffee

Lemon Grass

Sushi Bar


Asian Kitchen

Hoa Tuc

Zan Z Bar

3T Quan Nuong

Pho Hoa

Café Latin

Ciao Café

Kim Cafe

Linh Cafe

Ngoc Suong

Pho Quynh

Temple Club


Layanan Internet, Pos dan Telepon

Main Post Office

Rumah Sakit dan Fasilitas Medis

Rumah Sakit FV

Stasiun Kereta, Metro dan Bus

Stasiun Rel Kereta Saigon

Tempat Ibadah

Nha Tho Duc Ba (Katedral Notre Dame)

Katedral Notre Dame

Pagoda Jade Emperor


Kompleks Terowongan Cu Chi

Suoi Tien

Tur Mekong

Binh Quoi Tourist Area

Area Turis Van Thanh

Delta Adventure Tours

Chua Vinh Nghiem

Pagoda Thien Hau

Nha Tho Huyen Sy

Pagoda Phung Son

Vietnam - Hanoi Interesting Places & Things to Do


Bandara Internasional Noi Bai

Bandara Gia Lam

Bangunan Terkenal

Penjara Hoa Lo

Makam Uncle's Ho

Istana Presiden

Uncle Ho's House

Dau Xao (Cung Van Hoa Huu Nghi Viet Xo)

Fasilitas Olah Raga

Pusat Konvensi Nasional Vietnam

Stadion Hang Day

Gedung Pertunjukan

Teater Wayang Air Thang Long

Jalan Terkenal

Old Quarter

Hang Ngang Hang Dao

Trang Tien

Pintu Gerbang Selatan

Jalan Cau Go

So Crossroad

Cau Giay

Kebun Raya dan Kebun Binatang

Kebun Binatang Hanoi

Taman Thu Le

Taman Thong Nhat

Monumen dan Landmark

Rumah Opera Hanoi

Le Thai To Mausoleum

Jembatan Tua Long Bien

Hanoi War Memorial

Jembatan Chuong Duong

Menara Bendera Hanoi

Monumen Ly Thai To Emporor

Monumen Lenin

Ben Chuong Duong

Pagoda Ambassadors’Nha Tho

Pusat Hiburan

New Century

Museum dan Galeri Seni

Museum Ho Chi Minh

Museum Etnologi Vietnam

Museum Revolusi

Museum Angkatan Udara Vietnam

Museum Sejarah Militer Viet Nam

Museum Seni Rupa Vietnam

Museum Perempuan Vietnam

Museum Sejarah

Museum Revolusi Vietnam

Obyek Wisata

Jembatan The Huc


Pasar Dong Xuan

Pasar Mo


Night Market

54 Traditions Gallery

Art Vietnam

Kenly SilkLife Photo Gallery

Restoran dan Kafe

Quan An NgonGreen Tangerine

Pho 24 Vietnamese Restaurant

Highlands Coffee

Fanny Ice Cream

Cha Ca La Vong

Tamarind Café

Au Lac Cafe

Bun Cha

Cha Ca Thang Long


Pho Thin

Restaurant Bobby Chinn

Vine Wine Boutique Bar & Cafe

Au Lac House

Brothers Café

Cafe Des Artes

Café Pho Co

Café Smile

Le Beaulieu

Opera Club

Seasons Of Hanoi



Bia Hoi 68 Hang Quat

Legends Beer

Mao's Red Lounge

Rumah Sakit dan Fasilitas Medis

Institusi Medis Hanoi

Sekolah Tinggi dan Universitas

Universitas Nasional

Natural Science University

Stasiun Kereta, Metro dan Bus

Stasiun Kereta Api Hanoi

Sungai dan Danau

Danau Hoan

KiemWest Lake

Danau Thien Quang

Danau Truc Back

Danau Bay Mau

Taman Hiburan dan Bermain

Kolam Renang Hotel Army

Tourist and Travel Info

Sentosa Express Vietnam Agent Rep.

Tempat Ibadah

Kuil Turtle

Katedral Hanoi

Kuil Ngoc Son

Temple of Literature

Kuil Quan Thanh

Pagoda LangKuil Ba Kieu

Kuil Voi Phuc


Pagoda One Pillar

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam

Pagoda Tran Quoc

Kolam Uncle Ho's

Phu Tay Ho

87 Ma May

Klub American

Layanan Internet, Pos dan Telepon

Domestic Post Office


Let's Travel!

Online Customer Service

I Speak English

I Speak Indonesian

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