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Worldwide Overseas Cruises - Plan your cruise to one of the world's most scenic and historical regions with Professional travelsentosa cruise destination information. Filled with a blend of Old World beauty and New World flair, the Asian cruise region offers visitors a glimpse into the past, as well aspeek at some of the most technologically advanced metropolitan cities in the world today. Whether journeying through the region's interior on one of the fabulous river cruises ormaking the trip at sea on a luxury vessel, travelsentosa destination guides and our team willhelp you choose which route to take and places to visit so that your trip is one to remember.  Vacations on Cruise can be a terrific, fun and memorable  adventure if you are aware of certain things and know how to get the most out of the experience.  If you are a about to embark on your first at sea adventure, you are in for a treat! If you have cruised before; you are likely among the 95% of past passengers who continue to take a cruise as their first choice for their well needed get-away. And if you have not yet enjoyed a ship based holiday before,you have come to the right place! If you want to dress for meals and eat in the formal dining room, you can. Or, you can dress down and eat in the informal cafe that most cruise ships have. In the evening, a choice of activities awaits you - a show, some gambling, or karaoke in the lounge. When the ship arrives at different ports you can get off and explore or stay on the ship and lounge by the pool. If you are traveling in a group, there's something for everyone.


 Some of the Luxury World Cruises are enlisted below :

Cruises | Allure of The Sea Cruise

Allure of the Seas - is the world's largest cruise ship, built in Turku Finland. His first trip was in October 2010, when the vessel departed for their home port in Florida. The show is broadcast and received a lot of criticism. Due to the distance between the chimney and the bridge of the ship was too small and the risk of a collision is high enough. The specialists do not agree with this opinion. Allure of the Seas has a hall, two-deck dance, and theater, Starbucks (first time on a ship) and even an ice skating rink.


Cruises | Oasis of The Sea Cruise

Oasis of the Seas - is number two on the list, despite being a twin sister of the boat number one above. This is due to a difference a few inches unintentional between these two vessels. Oasis of the Seas set a new record when carrying 6,000 people. This luxury pembuatankapal costs estimated at 1.4 billion dollars, and weighs 100,000 tons, the same as the Allure of the Seas. Among the facilities the ship is a mini-golf course, a couple of bars, clubs, swimming pools as well as volleyball and basketball courts. Passengers can enjoy numerous events and other activities as well.



Cruises | Freedom of The Seas Cruise

Freedom of the Seas - This ship is in the top position before the construction of two ships above. This ship can carry 4600 people, including the crew and the manufacturing cost is approximately 800 million dollars. This incredible ship owned by Royal Caribbean International, the same as the two vessels above. This ship also has some cool amenities, such as a water park, Sorrento's pizza, Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage, and a 3D cinema.



Cruises | Liberty of The Sea Cruise

Liberty of the Seas - This ship is in the same place with the ship above the number three in the same class, called 'Freedom class', the construction cost and the maximum number of people allowed to ride the same. Long Liberty of the Seas is 338.91 meters and its width is 56.8 meters. These ships feature 18 decks, 15 in antaranyaadalah for passengers. This large ship is one of the safest in the world, so you should have no worries if you are planning on boarding a cruise this.


Cruises | Independence of The Seas Cruise

Independece of the Seas - As in the case of other ships presented here, Royal Caribbean International is the owner of the Independence of the Seas. Being the younger brother of two previous ships, has almost the same size. This vessel capacity is 5710 people, including the crew, more than two boats above. This ship is sailing at a speed of 40 km per hour, in European waters. Among the great attractions is the sports deck, street shopping and fresh hot tubs, the first type of vessel types that the company possesses.


Cruises | Norwegian of The Sea Cruise

Norwegian Epic - belonging to Norwegian Cruise line and is equipped with world-class spa, a fitness center, club and 'white hot party' world famous. Norwegian Epic also introduced a new type of cruise, cruising freestyle, which allows passengers to enjoy a flexible schedule (including the dinner hour and menu options), according to the wishes of each passenger. This innovation makes Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best options for a cruise trip, for whatever reason.


Cruises | Queen Mary 2 Cruise

Queen Mary 2 - This ship is a transatlantic ocean liner and at the time of its release (2003), this is the largest cruise ship in the world. Although later displaced by the Caribbean cruise ships mentioned above, the ship remains the largest cruise ship in history, to this day. Queen Mary 2 is owned by Cunrad Line ad, and estimates the manufacturing cost about 900 million dollars. Among the attractions originally a ballroom and the only planetarium ever built on a ship. Unlike the Norwegian Epic, the English concept of a cruise ship is a symbol of the abolition of class distinctions.


Cruises | Navigator of The Seas Cruise

Navigator of the Seas - Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the ship including the Voyager class, but it has some distinctive characteristics compared to other ships in its category. One such feature is the balcony glass and Asian buffet. Navigator of the Seas sailing in Europe in the summer and in the United States during the winter. The great ship has a length of 311.1 meters and a width of 49.1 meters.


Cruises | Mariner of The Seas Cruise

Mariner of the Seas - is the twin brother of the Navigator, because, this ship has the same features that distinguish these two ships from other ships in the Voyager class. This vessel production costs totaled $ 650 million and has a great facility, as well as interior and exterior balconies offering better views and a wide variety of dinner options. This ship cruises in Europe, the Mediterranean countries and offers an unforgettable holiday to all passengers.


Cruises | Explorer of The Seas Cruise

Explorer of the Seas - Cruise last in the table of contents, Explorer of the seas built in 2000, becoming the largest cruise ship in the world at that time. This ship has a length of 311 meters and width of 38 meters and a weight of 137, 308 tons (gross tonnage). Among his convenience (revolutionary at the time and remain beautiful until now) is a rock-climbing wall, a restaurant and bar themed, oceanographic and atmospheric laboratory that will be used by scientists, fully equipped conference rooms as well as other charms.


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