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General information
Booking Facilities, Services, and  Giving Price is determined from Corporate and Membership that you are using. The information below is the booking information through the Sentosa Website Booking Online specially in the Global World Class Indonesia. Reservations can also through other media of membership information / membership that you use.

As for the members of Global World Class has special reservation & price facility according to preliminary information before you officially join the Sentosa Express Network membership.



Booking Online Information Global World Class
1. What should I do first entry in the online booking system?

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 Screenshot Member Login

• You must be an official member specifically listed in the membership of the Sentosa   
Furthermore, can make an online booking with the Login Username and Password
   have registered the first time, following his appearance:

 -> enlarge picture 



After you Login, click on Online Booking to find the product you want, following its appearance:



Screenshot Travel Online Search


For Airfare,  Checks flights Hours you want, then click
  in the Instructions / Direction for membership facility you use.
For Hotel Rooms Always check room availability in advance, check whether there
  allotment is available, if available, enter the new guest's name and other details.
For Activity, Select the destination country, followed by city tour where you
  will be traveling.
For Tour Schedule, enter the state / city where you want to vacation.


 -> enlarge picture   




Screenshot Result of Flight Schedule & Discounted Rate

For Airfare, make sure the date, month, routes, and to travel
  1x Way (OW) or Go Home (PP) / Roundtrip (RT)
Check the clock flight you want, then click
  on Flight Number / Flight Number for bookings.
Select the Name of passengers who have already registered previously.
Click on Confirm and click Send to Cart.


  -> Enlarge Picture Result (OW)        -> Enlarge Picture Result (RT)

  -> Enlarge Input Name                    -> Enlarge Confirm Name

  -> Shopping Cart




Screenshot Result of Hotel Reservation Rooms & Discounted Rate


For Hotel Rooms Always check room availability in advance, check whether the type
  The rooms have a allotment (special supplies) or the booking process.
   If available, just enter the guest's name and other details.


 -> Enlarge Picture Result                -> Enlarge Input Name  

 -> Enlarge Confirm Name              ->  Shopping Cart


 •   The rest can be accessed if you are a member of Global World Sentosa.




2. Will it be 100% gain seats airline tickets, and hotel and bed type on request by guest?
For online booking system, can not get the request, but can write on the remarks, guests if the husband / wife,

  the request for a double / king size bed. Policy remains of the hotel.

3. Why can not I book, though allotment is still available in the system?
This is in because of allotment (special room inventory) collided with a COD (Cut off Date), COD on the set where

   the rules of the hotel.
• 0 COD means that you can do the booking on the same day.
• 3 COD means that you can do the booking 3 days before check-in date.
Some hotels COD sometimes change depending on hotel occupancy. If the hotel is not crowded, COD can be
   down to 3 or 0, but if the hotel with high occupancy, the COD will turn into 7 even 14 days.

Note : Allotment means, special availability rooms with instant confirmation.

4. What is the purpose of the Guarantee Booking?
Sometimes there will be a written "Guarantee Booking", that is, if you do a booking in this hotel, must
   Guarantee, because it collided with about cancellation policies, so please be on notice.
   Do not do the booking if you or your guests are still in doubt, because if you've done
   turned out to cancel the booking and / void, then the hotel will make a charge.

5. Can I revise and cancel the online booking system?
  Can be done online and you can confirm to the Sentosa Express Team at the the Help Support (login member) or

    Contact Us.


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