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  • Add Your Property/Travel Products on Travelsentosa!

Being one of the world's biggest online travel booking sites, travelsentosa gets over hundreds to millions unique visitors every year. Adding your properties to our property listing would expose it to hundreds of thousands of people who visit website every day.

Adding your properties to travelsentosa would make you visible on top of major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. We have also increased our online exposure via multiple websites and newspapers partnerships like Channel News Asia, CNN Asia, Co-operating with us ensures that your property gets visible to people from all around the world, leading to higher orders rate and so more profit for you.

  • Now has changed to a commissionable model.

As the market continues to grow, wants to continue to be the market leader in the industry and to do this we want to build a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with hotel - restaurant - theme park - travel - airline - and also supported company having strong vision with us to be solid partners. Subsequently the decision has been taken to only contract directly with hotels, travels, companies and we would like you to join us and be involved in this exciting new future.

  • The changes at Travelsentosa bring some very significant benefits to you:

You can make changes to your room rates, seat rates, any products availability at any time, 24 hours a day. By amending rates and availability to suit demand, you have complete control over the number of hotel rooms - airline seats allotment - goods sales volume that you want to sell through and the price at which you want to sell them. will never change the prices that you set. You take payment directly from the customer, which means you get the money as soon as the guest has purchased products. This will boost your cash flow and revenue income.

Submission of your cooperation interest can go directly to our contact us page or cooperation form that has been provided.


  • New Investment Invitation for World Members & Investors!

With a new management concepts and mastery of the market share of customers worldwide, we invites you as worldwide investors to discuss investment strategy with the potential for lucrative profits short term to long term. Submission of your investment interest can go directly to email:




Supplier Offer --> Register as corporate --> Review by our Team

--> Best Products & Criteria choiced for long term partnership with Us

*Supplier means you have good products, attractive offer, competitive rate, commitments, revenue income to You




Partner Request Us --> What product want --> Ability to sell our products

Register as corporate --> Review by our Team --> Approval --> Products submitted to You 

*Partner means you have good market and ability to promote our products, commitments, high commission to You

Register supplier & partner now as a corporate user

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