"Director Networking"


Kami memulai bisnis kami dengan menyediakan solusi-solusi perjalanan kami di bidang Penelitian,

Rekrutmen & Seleksi khusus. Memiliki keahlian dan pengalaman Tim dalam perekrutan Bisinis Jaringan Travel.
Kami ingin menandai kehadiran kami yang kuat dalam rentang waktu yang singkat.

Kami memiliki pengalaman yang kuat dalam menarik bakat yang baik dengan berbagai tipeklien di pasar.  

Memiliki jaringan yang kuat di industri perjalanan, serta memiliki keahlian dalam pengelolaan Compensation Manager & Compensation Director managemen dalam tingkat penempatan di Jaringan Industri Perjalanan.  

Kami menjamin Anda bahwa setiap posisi senior diberikan kepada kami akan dijaga kerahasiaannya

dengan akses terbatas ke Solusi Bisnis Sentosa E-Travel  tim saja.



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 ~ Manager Facility Features ~ 

*** (see director networking plan***



Compensation Plans  
The Simple
Web Network supports several different program structures, allowing you to create virtually any type of network structure.

→ Affiliate programs
→ Unilevel (unlimited width - network)
→ Matrix (Forced, Recycling, etc.)
→ X-Replacing member programs.
→ Call for Binary or Party Plan


Genealogy Structure  
Set up your member structure to operate exactly like you need. From automatically upgrading members to another matrix when needed, to offering a bonus matrix, to selling additional member positions, the Simple
Web Network can support virtually any members operation.

→ Multiple program structures
→ Upgrade members to another program structure
→ Sell additional member positions

Members Management  
The Simple Web Network
offers the tools to easily manage member's genealogies. View customized members reports, transfer members positions, query all members, plus more.

→ View customized Member Network reports
→ Transfer / delete member positions
→ Change a member's sponsor
→ Query all members


Payment Processing  
The Simple Web Network
supports different payment processors, allowing you to automate all payment aspects of your business.

→ Real time credit card processing
→ Manual payment processing
→ Overdraft protection feature

Membership Fees  
Automate the tedious task of membership billing with the Simple
Network Web's payment system. Require new members to pay a membership fee before being activated, automatically track recurring fees, plus more.

→ Require new members to pay a membership fee
→ Automatically track recurring fees
→ Trial memberships
→ Automate every aspect of membership billing


Manage Transaction Accounts 
Every member receives their own transaction account in our 
Web Network, resembling a mini bank account. All funds including commissions, and membership fees go through the transaction account, allowing for easy, consolidated management.

→ Consolidated transaction accounts
→ Manually add transactions
→ Detailed transaction information
→ Query all transactions

Bonuses & Qualifications  
With the flexible transaction system, you can create virtually any type of compensation plan imaginable. Have one time signup bonuses, recurring commission, matching commission bonus, step level program, plus much more.

→ One time signup bonuses
→ Recurring commissions
→ Matching commission bonus
→ Step level program


Commission Pay Outs  
Processing commission pay outs has been made extremely easy and efficient with the Simple
Web Network
. Virtually every aspect can be done with the click of a mouse including adding pay out transactions, and physically sending the funds.

→ Instantly process commission pay outs
→ Easy two step pay out process
→ Minimum commission pay out amount
→ Charge a processing fee

Trigger System  
The Simple
Web Network provides this extremely powerful tool, giving you complete control and flexibility over almost every aspect of your business. Have actions automatically triggered when a specified event takes place.

→ Reward members upon recruiting X members
→ Upgrade members according to sales made
→ Automate membership fee handling


System Structure
Professional handle customer support with many features, such as categories, departments, multiple support techs, plus more.

→ Multiple support techs
→ Multiple support departments
→ Support categories
→ Priority ranking 

Reporting Features 
Several detailed reports are available, allowing you to oversee the progress of your entire organization. All reports are in real-time, and include the following:

→ Export member database
→ Growth report
→ Genealogy report
→ Transaction report
→ Web site stats report


Privilege System  
Using the privilege system in our
Web Network, define exactly what actions members can perform through the Member's Only Area, and administrators can perform through the Admin Control Panel. This allows you to give access to the needed actions, while restricting access for more sensitive functions.

→ Define privileges based on member type
→ Define different privileges for each administrator
→ Restrict any action throughout the website
→ Define a time limit on certain actions

    (eg. monthly)

Customer Database 

With support for consolidated customer accounts, you can manage all customers and orders with ease. Customers can also have access to a password protected Customer Area, where they can manage every aspect of their account.  

→ Consolidated customer accounts
→ Fully featured Customer Area
→ Automatically expire customer accounts
→ Customizable customer database


Ordering System
With the high quality ordering system, the public can shop and place their orders with ease. Process pending orders with the click of a mouse, process refunds, search all orders, plus more.

→ Fully functional public shopping cart
→ Easily process orders and refunds
→ Full tax settings
→ Coupon codes, allowing for easy discounts

Home Page Rotator Module  
Have a rotation list of members, and when someone visits your root web site at, they will be automatically redirected to the member's web site, who is next in rotation.


Reporting Features
Several detailed reports are available with the Shopping Cart, allowing you to oversee all orders through the system. The reports include:

→ Order report
→ Payment method report
→ Product report

Plus more...



"A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done."

-Vince Lombardi-

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