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Global World - Networking Membership is the latest online network travel system with the incorporation of a business concept that focuses on business people, travelers, tourists, private individuals up to the family in Indonesia  and Foreign worldwide in the use of Sentosa E-Travel Network System in the revenues of millionaires. Members are able to obtain Potential income through sales and online automated referral network marketing system.

English  /  Indonesia

Vision & Mission Priority : To be Number 01 Network System creating unlimited

income for Worldwide members through Sentosa E-Travel Network System.


     -> Our International Award


Global World Networking Member Fee : USD.100 & 250,-*

"Up to 03 Family Users / 15 Persons"

- Contract Duration : 05 Years - *Lifetime Value -

*follow the country you live / with sponsorhip links


                   - Bonus 03 + 05 Nights Hotel or Villa for first time level

    - Plus Earn Cash up to US$.15.000 for the director board

          - Free 07-10 Days Dream Vacation for the whole families

       - First Priority to our Last Minute Deals (up to 75% off)

- Free lifetime Access to New Sentosa Discounted E-Travel System

  - Point Speed Up Plus for product self transaction purchased

     - Self Replicating Personalized ID marketing tools

        - Virtual Office to manage your Business Account

           - One click access online monitoring your members

              - Expansion of other cheap products online in the future

  - Incentive Rewards for the luxurious life style

     - Royalty Income for your families



*Powerful Networking Plan Manager   |   *Powerful Networking Plan Director    |   *Global Reward


Worldwide Travel System


Internet  - Marketing


Home Based Anywhere


Money - Savings



Members Product Bonus / Member Produk Bonus 

Guidance and mentor from the Senior Manager of Travel Online Network System Management and Advanced Selling Techniques first time after you officially become a partner to join us. (special for members in Indonesia). You are not only taught how to make travel reservation  easily but also quick, efficient, and how to make reliable and professional sales.


Jaminan 30 Hari Uang Kembali / 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your partnership funds will be returned, if it is proved our networking system is not running, after the active period within 30 days.



How do I join and provisions in the Global World Class Membership ?

  • You can register as early as possible at our online website or through sponsors, make sure you enter the data correctly. 
  • Registration you have made will immediately be confirmed if it has made an initial payment and you can immediately access your network membership system.
  • If you decide to join the member type you choose, please do the payment of USD.100,- for Global World Small Investmest or USD.250,- for Global World Medium Investment (worldwide registrant) or similar to Global Gold Class (indonesian registrant). You can register through sponsored links that introduce you. And if not through links, additional charges 10% tax apply.
  • After payment, Now you are full member of Global World Class. Be ready to making money online through Sentosa Express Network automated management system provided to you. Be Smart - Professional - Rich people with other members network. It's fun - no boring - simple powerful system and enjoy your days working anywhere you want.
  • Members who are inactive at all or have never done since he first joined networking completely within 01 1/2 month, his position will automatically be replaced with new candidates from the senior manager who is active on your network system.



*Automated System    -   *Prestigious Reward

  *Powerful Networking Plan Manager   -   *Powerful Networking Plan Director




Leave the old way of doing business

Switch to a modern system of Sentosa E-Travel Network System

"Others Shout Out - We are Extraordinary"


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