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  • Language / Bahasa

The main language used on the website is Bahasa Indoonesia, and English  as the primary language in the international world, and we also provide Indonesian for more readable by people in Indonesia and the country of origin of this website is created. However, not all content on pages using the Indonesian language as it is, but there are mixed with some easy-known english to all people in Indonesia and the International Community in general. You can use additional facilities "Google Translate" to get to know the page from with appropriate language in your country.


  • Flight Schedule / Jadwal Penerbangan

Looking for your travel schedule in accordance with airline departure schedules.
Select your departure and destination city followed by the name, date of travel for one-way or two-way back to the city of origin.

*International air fare starting Indonesia exclude tax exceot otherwise specified.

*Promotional Rate is startting from, subject to change upon confirmation by us.

*More details, login at member site.


  • Hotel Schedule / Akomodasi

Looking for an accommodation where you will be traveling / arriving in a city with discounted room rates?
Completed with a choice of several favorite hotels, room type, bed type, as well as online reservations and vouchers.

*No Hidden Cost, based on validity, either rate can be changed upon confirmation depending on holiday season and special condition


  • Activity Schedule / Aktivitas waktu senggang

In spare time of your business, You may also perform activities of exploring the city you are visiting.
Starting from around the city, amusement park, entertainment, and many diverse interesting activities and

worthy of your experience occasional in your impression of the city.


  • Tour Schedule / Jadwal Wisata

Enter the name of the country to visit for vacation plans in general.
For example: China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, then you can see tour packages which are now in held with destination cities in its country.
If you choose the china, will feature tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and so forth.


You can also search by city name that is more specific with more narrow search.
Example: Shanghai, and then shanghai tour only will be shown and there are only a few tour events.


Vacation Package : Completed with air tickets - hotel accommodation - tour arrangement product.

Generally, tour departs on our scheduled.

Land Package : hotel accommodation  and tour arrangements product.

Generally, depart on your desired schedule and requested.


  • Product Rates

Air Tickets, Hotel Accommodation,  Acticity, Vacation Package Rate are Nett price based on rate validity, somehow discounted for our loyal clients and members only.


  • Online Customer Service / Pelayanan Pelanggan

If you can not find the information contained in, you can request assistance from customer service online for a short and quick response.
*This service is reserved for registered members.


  • Customer Reviews / Pengamatan Pelanggan

We are continuously improving service and customer satisfaction from time to time.
Please mail / sms to our dedicated Customer Service Manager,
regarding complaints against the service of our team were deemed less appropriate to your desire.

*This service is reserved for registered members.

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