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Let’s start with a basic definition. The 3-way call is essentially a conference call between you, your prospective partner (or new member of your team), and typically a member of your upline support team. If you don’t already have the 3-way calling feature on your land line and cell phone, get it! The cost is minimal and the value far eclipses the $3-$5 per month that you’ll pay for it.  Here are a few of the benefits of 3-way calling:


Learning. If you’re new, you can learn volumes about your company and product by listening to someone more experienced than you.  Why not have that happen while you’re building your business? Make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to make 3 new contacts a day for your first 30 days.  This will help you establish the habit of taking the proper action.

Belief. Not only does your belief in what you’re doing grow when you listen to your mentor and/or upline support team member, but so does the belief of your prospective partner. Prospects tend to place more credibility on an individual’s story and experience than they do an audio or video presentation. In addition, a subliminal message is communicated loud and clear—that they can succeed because they can leverage the expertise of their support team.  Lastly, they will gain belief and confidence in you as a sponsor and team member as your upline will edify you on that call.


Duplication. Your level of success will be determined by how successfully the correct activities are duplicated by you and your team members.  Thus, by doing a 3-way call, you’re showing by example, one of the activities they should preform when they begin their business.


How early in the process and how often you use 3-way calls will typically be determined by your degree of confidence and by the schedule of your upline support team members.  Just be sure to use 3-way calling with every interested prospective partner in your first few months, and after that, selectively with your best prospects.  I also suggest you offer to do 3-way phone calls with every new team member as they get started building their businesses.  The belief building process never really stops.  More on that in a future learning class.


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