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World Class Travel Membership - Sentosa Express Members Network
Co-operating with clients, Sentosa Express does not limit only to issue and delivery of Travel documents ordered according to order submitted. In order to deliver to you the highest and the most adjusted to your requirements level of services, Sentosa Express yet at the stage of initiation of co-operation, mutually with you shall prepare custom made Travel Policy . This has the material impact upon results obtained while co-operation and reduces the risk of travel budget misuse. Depending on needs of our clients, the following may be the basic elements of our Travel Products preferences relating to suppliers of services (airlines, car rentals, hotel networks, holiday programs). Moreover, Sentosa Express members networking has super system for their members in making potential business income.


Sentosa World Class Travel Members Network - Special Rates
Long-term presence on the network market and cooperation helps us to include in our offer the Special Rates for particular airlines to particular destinations available only and exclusively for the clients of Sentosa Members Network . These Rates are very competitive towards generally available on the market and may have efficient impact upon reduction of costs of your trip.


Sentosa Travel Members Network - Clients’ Profiles
Each client and traveller is treated individually. At initiation of co-operation, in our system we create Custom Traveller Profiles. Data included in profiles cover information on your travel preferences, as well as individual information regarding each traveller number of level.

World Class Travel Membership, Sentosa Express offer clients preferences seating in ariline, and emergency contact telephone numbers. The profiles are updated concurrently giving you guarantee that each your travel shall be conducted according to strictly defined criteria, adjusted to your present needs. The data storage system is isolated from external environment, protected at the use of the latest technologies ensuring the highest possible safety of information entrusted to us.

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Sentosa World Class Travel Network - Delivery of Travel Documents
In the cities and airports, where Sentosa Express has located their office/service, our messenger’s service shall deliver travel documentation ordered free of charge. Delivery of travel documents to other cities or other country of Surabaya is outsourced – details of deliveries shall be agreed during co-operation initiation process.

For online user market, access the member area for e-ticket, e-voucher. e-booking, e-payment (members accessed)


  Sentosa World Class Travel Network - Dedicated Consultants

  Upon your request, we may appoint selected employees of Sentosa Express

  for servicing your travel requirements. Doing so, you may be sure that

  persons responsible for arrangement of your trip have the best knowledge

  for servicing your travel requirements.


  Sentosa Travel Members Network - Free of Charge Presentation

  For the most demanding clients we offer free of charge presentation session

  addressed to you dealing with ordering tours and travel. The materials and

  session are prepared in such a way that after the deal and appointment

arrangement, your trip has sufficient knowledge enabling efficient co-operation with Sentosa Express.


Sentosa Travel Members Network - Complaint Policy
Co-operating with Sentosa Express you get a solid partner, supporting you also in complaint process. Thanks to our dedicated staff and personalized service, the complaint process runs according to schedule agreed, and complaints are processed in most time effective manner. This efficiently shortens complaint consideration time and may have a positive impact upon final result of their consideration. At the same time, Sentosa Express intensely investing in technology, has provided Customer / Members Care Contact, in case of any doubts regarding orders submitted and handled.


Sentosa Travel Members Network - Forms of Cooperation
Sentosa Express has flexibility towards the individual needs of its members and clients. The several years of experience and passion for perfection has enabled us to work out different models of co-operation among which you may select , best suited to your requirements. Except for a standard form of co-operation based on Business Travel Centre, we also offer you more advanced models of co-operation.

> Hotline Contact
Upon your request and requirement employee of Sentosa Express Members shall be dedicated only and exclusively for servicing you. For contact with our employees we shall install separate hot lines, the numbers of which shall be known only to employees of your company. In this way we guarantee the highest and customized service.

> Dedicated Document Issuance
For clients who more than anything else appreciate time from the moment of document confirmation until receipt, we offer as complementation of co-operation based on Business Travel Centre and Outplant we offer issue of Dedicated Document Issuance (DDI).
Dedicated Document Issuance is also an ideal solution for the companies that are located far from our Business Travel Centres.


Sentosa Travel Members Network - Payments and Invoicing
Depending on your preferences and member categories, we offer the following forms of payment among of which we shall select the best adjusted to your needs.

Cash : Payment is made directly in cashier of Sentosa Office, or cash is given to our messenger at delivery of documentation ordered.

Travel Account : Due to growing demand of clients for prolongation of payment dates, Sentosa Express has implemented in their offer a unique solution Membership Travel Account.

Credit Card : Sentosa Express accepts all credit cards well-known on the worldwide market with low interest (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal). In order to improve servicing of credit cards, you may authorise Sentosa Express to charge your credit cards for particular products and services without signature of card’s holder. In this case, instead of your signature, SOF (Signature on file) or Mail Order information is placed on confirmation of card charging. These type transactions are in 100% safe and substantially increase efficacy of co-operation reducing time necessary for transaction’s execution and eliminating the necessity of individual approval of charge on the part of card’s holder.

Credit Facility : Depending on form of payment, we offer the following types of invoicing : the invoices may be issued currently meaning that each transaction made is certified by individual invoice, (separately: airline tickets, railway tickets, hotel bookings, car rental, holiday special promotion).

Collective Invoicing and Current Invoicing may occur simultaneously, depending on type of products and services that you order according to our terms policy.


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