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     "Sentosa E-Travel Business"

Global World - Networking Membership is the latest network travel system with the incorporation of a business concept that focuses on business people, travelers, tourists, private individuals up to the family in Foreign Worldwide in the use of Sentosa E-Travel Membership Network System for great revenue. Members are able to obtain Potential income through sales and online automated referral network marketing system.
Indonesia Market specially get more Discounted Travel Reservation System for the ease of
finding travel products by doing reservation  quickly and accurately without any intermediary or other comparison sites. Airline discounts from published fares, hotels, activities, best quality products.

  • Member Fee : USD.100 & USD.250,-  (Up to 03 Patriarch / Equal to 15 Registered Persons per Sentosa User ID)
  • Main Focus : Potential Systemized Membership Income (WORLDWIDE)


Global Gold - Corporate Deposit Membership is a membership network system,  focused to those of you who want to become our member business partners in Indonesia only in direct use of tour & travel products in the country (domestic) and foreign (international) memberships with a fairly affordable cost but with the potential income remarkable.

  • Member Fee : IDR.300.000,-  (Per User ID) ->  Free Voucher IDR.50.000,-

          (Up to 03 Patriarch / Equal to 15 Registered Persons per Sentosa User ID)

  • Main Focus : Potential Systemized Membership Income (WORLDWIDE)
  • Main Focus : Discounted use of Air Tickets - Hotel Vouchers (INDONESIA PRODUCTS)
  • Main Focus : Discounted Tour or Holiday Vacation (INDONESIA & OUTBOUND INDONESIA - WORLDWIDE)


Global Platinum - Corporate New Agent  is a membership network system, focused to those of you who want to become our business partners in Indonesia only in direct sales (direct selling) of tour & travel products with higher earning potential longer and wider product coverage.

  • Member Fee : IDR.1.500.000,- (Per User ID) ->  Free Voucher IDR.100.000,-
  • Main Focus : Direct Selling of Air Tickets - Hotel Voucher (INDONESIA PRODUCTS)
  • Main Focus : Reselling Tour or Holiday Vacation Group Request Only (INDONESIA TOUR & OUTBOUND INDONESIA - MOSTLY ASIA)



Global Diamond - Corporate Partner Franchise is a partnership system that is focused to those of you who want to set up business on their own travel agents in Indonesia and around the world (worldwide) with full system management method which directly trained by our trainer for several stages in the Indonesian language and English(overseas). The potential return of capital is fast and very profitable.

  • Franchise Fee : Start IDR.45.750.000,- (Per Office) ->  Free Voucher IDR.2.500.000,-
  • Main Focus : Direct Agent Selling of Air Tickets - Hotel Voucher (INDONESIA PRODUCTS)
  • Main Focus : Creating your own Tour or Holiday Vacation (INDONESIA & OUTBOUND INDONESIA - WORLDWIDE)
  • Main Focus : Full Management System of Tour & Travel Business Office with completed database. (No worry your office city/location - Linked with our Support System Program)



* More Details information can only be accessed after you make first payment registration.

   The next is your choice whether to move out or making potential income with other members /product sell.

   registration here.

* Member Fee , conditions, and price is only valid for the year started, and can be changed at any time
   if it reaches the specified maximum limit management.
* User ID is the user name you use in our membership system, not airlines user id,
   suppliers and other supporterd. Make sure the user name you choose is a name easily recognized
   for expansion of sales and marketing for your next business plan.



E-Travel Sales System / Produk Penjualan E-Travel 

  1. Access to Members Area of E-Travel Network System as an advanced system that works for reservations, sales and marketing you are integrated.
  2. Access to the system of domestic and international airlines to check seat availability - rates - booking - Issued.
  3. Discount products from the price of tour & travel published rate, as well as reservation systems and Issued with ease and fast.
  4. Complete products, innovatives, up to date, and competitive to worldwide market . Please browse the products, packages available at our website, ranging from dozens of airline tickets, hundreds of hotel chains, interesting activities, rent car,  cruises vacation, up to a variety of tour packages.   Our products are not selling tickets or just drifting away from our core business.
  5. Innovation of Sentosa E-Travel Web Network Systems after you join us. In addition to online web reservations , you can also run the business through affiliate internet marketing and online member networking based on your user id at (ex:
  6. Direct Commission, Additonal Commission , Reward Point, Account Balance, even the names of subscribers to your team members can be accessed online by userid of respective owners.



Customer Service Support / Pelayanan Servis Member 

1.  24 Hour Access to the online website system, whenever and wherever as long as

     there are internet network to make the booking, marketing, online income.

2.  Online members support system , call a special hotline during business hours  

     until night through an online messenger or email and we will respond the next

     morning. Support Human Verbal our Customer Service at Indonesia until the evening.
     Non Verbal support abroad for up to 24 hours.



Daily to Monthly Sales Report / Laporan Penjualan Harian dan Bulanan

    1. Daily financial reports accurately and precisely, to control your balanced data.
    2. Monthly sales reports to analyze your sales, so you can analyze which products

        are good and less good for further enhanced the market share of your customers.


Members Product Bonus / Member Produk Bonus  

Guide and mentor from the Senior Manager about the Airlines, Hotels, Travel Reservation System and Basic / Advanced Selling Techniques first time after you officially become a partner by joining us. (special member Indonesian). You are not only taught how to make reservations easily but also fast, efficient, and how reliable sales and marketing technique.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee / Jaminan 30 Hari Uang Kembali 

Partnership funds will be refunded, if you do not make a sale at all, and our system is not running properly, after the contract agreement within 30 days.



How do I join and provisions in the Sentosa Membership?

  • You can register as early as possible at our online website, make sure you enter the data correctly.
  • Registration is you have done automatically entered into our system, or you can reconfirm through our customer service contained in the web page contact us.
  • We will contact you through email / home phone / business phone you have provided during registration and early payment within 1x24Hours after activation. Next, we'll call you back to survey and confirm if you decide to join the next member type selection. (surveys exclusively for membership of Platinum & Diamond in Indonesia).
  • We have lots of members and confined to specific active and interested only.
  • Our team will not contact you repeatedly for your own privacy reasons, we mainly focus on the next active member.
  • Inactive accounts after 02 months joined, its data will automatically be deleted in our system, and you can re-register from the beginning.
  • Other provisions agreed upon after the approval of members by upholding contract values of understanding and achievement of success shared between teams.




Leave the old way of doing business

Switch to a modern system of Sentosa E-Travel Network System

"Others Shout Out - We are Extraordinary"



"A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done."

-Vince Lombardi-


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