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What is the system of Sentosa Director Networking business plan  ?
Congratulations, you have succeeded in Sentosa network manager, it's time you work smarter through your previous experience and support from us in helping develop your business in Sentosa Director Networking. The system is made specifically for you anticipating expansion in market share popularity in the international world.


What steps should I do to be successful also in Sentosa Director ?
You are a director and the leader, you must bring your manager to be as leveled with you. By supporting the overall manager of the entire entry. Your first step is to bring the 03 managers in the Group 1 and Group 2 to be Directors as well. Your business success in a Group 1 (one) in your direct line, you get compensation from us as a bonus worth US$.5000,- added to your E-wallet. Moreover,  if you can succedd the Group 2 (two) also, a bonus worth 2 x US$.5000,- US$.10000,-  will be yours.  And if you achieve in less than 06 months from the activation member, incentive bonuses can also be obtained according to the scheme above, 01 apple mobile phone or similar. The next completeness of the two groups, a bonus 04 days  free hotel accommodation for you and your spouse with cash money of another US$.2000,- for you.


In addition I see there are incentive bonuses Jump to whether a particular bonus ?
Systematic of director scheme, Jump Bonus destined to Gold Director, which can cover the entire Gold Director members in the scheme above the be overall Directors. However, systematic management we can provide immediate loyalty worth 05% of every new member who joined the Board Manager, provided you can take just 06 members under the leadership of your partner directly (01 lines) become Director. If not met within the allotted time, you are still entitled to free hotel and travel abroad during the 04 days for two people at once with your spouse and family with cash money given to you.


How to Jump to Diamond Director and Director of Platinum ?
In accordance with the above scheme, you can Jump from Director to (Gold Director 05%) in 06 months though even if incentives are met within a period of 09 months to be a (Diamond Director 07%) and one of Entry, Entry I or II are met. Or incentives in the period of 12 months (Platinum Director 09%) entry at a time when both are met. Once you get more bonus worth US$.1250,- easy enough with just 01 Entry all members of the Director, and if two valid entry multiples bonus.


If I can not Jump to Diamond / Platinum, will I still be successful and succeed ?
Businesses that you have right now is also no time limit how long you work, you just take a moment in time and consistent in the membership of Sentosa Express, as well as keep abreast of information from us, then you can still meet the overall director without following incentive program and step into Royalty Board with percentage values: Gold Director (05%) - Diamond Director (07%) - Platinum Director (09%).


I see some differences between the  percentage value in royalties between Jump to  

and Royalty Board ?
Yes,  your observations is great, we provide a balance  between members that can achieve early success with that later yet. We appreciate your work and time that you present your work in this business of Sentosa Express. The results obtained by the Director of compliance incentives Jump to differ only slightly with the overall director first met without the incentive project. Opportunity and your success in the business also follows the pattern of your life and mind concept  which is not the same for everyone.


If I succeed in Jump to project, Will i still  get a chance at 03 Re-entry compensation ?
03 Re-entry chance you can still follow, to follow the same scheme in the Director Board by opening 03 new acccounts, and committed to success in the 01 schemes director first. We think you'll be able to fulfill even get to Platinum Director (03 new account director) by seeing you at the beginning of the success. Only a little difference in the percentage of royalties obtained value.

How the Luxury Car Bonus as schemes director  above ?
Whether you are in an incentive program  jump to or not, the bonus is still in the hands of your future by opening up to 03 re-entry of new account director at this time, the only difference being the value at the beginning of its royalty percentage.
But keep in mind, on re-entry second and third, bonuses Jump to such as : the apple phone, blackberry playbook, apple notebook, as well as a free bonus and holiday allowance funds you do not get anymore. But the fulfillment of Director bonuses valued at (US$.5000x2) + (US$.1250x2) according to the above diagaram still be given to you by every Re-entries.


What if members of my manager is inactive and can inhibit my success ?
You do not need to worry about it, we have very integrated system where after you meet Gold Director, you can move the prospective new manager to a position that is not active. Business at the Sentosa Express is your business too.

When can my manager said to be inactive ?
We and you are always up to date with a manager from the businesses that they create as well, now determined within 1 1/2 months of inactivity was a manager can be replaced with another. The bonus had not obtained an active manager will be the prorated to you and the network under its auspices as income for an active role in fostering active candidates for the next manager.

What if the manager is not actively trying to be reactive again ?
The lack of activation in the system can be said is real not active. However, we can contribute them some valuable percentages of hard work he ever had before through some of our considerations and we take you as his/her leader to determine the placement of managers in your network to another.

Does the business program consists of only a few systems and compensation have been described ?
Of course not, according to our Mission and Vision, we strive to make a variety of business innovation programs, travel, who keep abreast of market and technology in various places, cities, and potential country. We at Sentosa Express will see your first success in the initial steps and of course we will support more with a membership system, compensation, and even more amazing bonuses on Platinum Director.

I think quite clearly with some information I got..
Please specify the steps to your success with us by opening an account and follow the programs of our latest innovations in Business Sentosa Express. Regards success for you ...
(The Founder of Sentosa Express)


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