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What is Sentosa Networking ?
Systematically in a Global World Class membership we have two positions of leadership positions: 

Sentosa  Manager Networking and Sentosa Director Networking. Please note, the type of membership we have are pretty much devoted to the various markets in Indonesia and overseas. In a Global World Class devoted a separate and distinct from the agency or franchise  available in other type of memberships.


What Advantages by joining Sentosa Global World Class membership ?
Global World Class is the latest network travel system with the incorporation of a business concept that focuses on business people, travelers, tourists, private individuals up to the family in Indonesia  and Foreign worldwide in the use of Sentosa E-Travel Network System in the revenues of millionaires and for the ease of finding travel products by doing reservation  quickly and accurately without any intermediary or other comparison sites. Airline discounts from published fares, hotels, activities, best quality products . Members are able to obtain Potential income through sales and online automated referral network marketing system.

Sample Referral ->

NOTE: Referral to the links that appear above name can not be changed after you create a user name first and pay the registrationRegistration is not paid by sponsors who introduced you, add an additional surcharge cost USD.50, - or equal to Idr.500.000, - This is to maintain the credibility of our system is truly "Sponsorship Member Systemized"


How does the system Sentosa Manager Networking business plan work ?
Once you pay and you are  officially become a member, you can just run our business like your own business, and your initial position is a business manager. You can refer your business from the inside and the outside world from the circles close to your relatives, until you do not know anyone through various communications, online media with your own user id at


What will happen after someone joins my network manager business next ?
Our system automatically receive an official registration of members through your network, and entering your member area. Initial step you are required to have two groups (Group 1 on the left and Group 2 on the  Right) who are a straight line on your position. After one of the Groups is met, you get a bonus worth US$.175,- added into your private E-Wallet.


I would like to withdraw my bonus in the form of cash, possibly ?
The bonus is your achievement, but in our system after two Group met, then you can receive a cash bonus worth US$ .350,- (two straight Group) Free plus 03 nights accommodation in star hotels. And if fulfilled rapidly within two weeks, an additional bonus worth US$.200.- also you get. But are you simply with such income? And have seen bonuses and incentives in the overall scheme of Sentosa Manager Board?


When can I be said to have succeeded in manager position at the Sentosa Express ?
You can succeed after the above scheme can be fulfilled that is not a group, but the whole Entry I and II according to the scheme of manager above. Other Members will also need support from you and we as well, so your network will follow a similar way of doing business that you are doing and fully developed until you are eligible to earn bonuses direct worth US$.1000,- and free 05 nights accommodation. Your manager position then move increasingly to the position of Director with more complex but potentially tremendous systematically. 


Is this some kind of game and often rumored to fraud / scam or something like news in the online media recently ?
Strictly we say is not a fraud and a scam at the Sentosa Express, We are an experienced travel company in the handling of official travel and the tourists who had been existed years. Our fundamental concept is to help its members to travel as easy and efficient as possible through the Sentosa E-Travel Online Reservation (at Indonesia only). Whereas Member abroad devoted to E-Travel Online Member Networking. As an appreciation for customer loyalty, we give you bonuses / compensation
with our product management and our membership systematically.


Looks like I've seen systems like this and also engaged in travel, whether similar ?
We know this kind of concept, we are different, every company must have either authorized or not having its own system. And as for a  travel industry, make sure you can see if they indeed are a very experienced official travel, or whether to take the name "Travel" course in order to create a system and products that are less appropriate for its members and customers?


How do we know sentosa networking system works correctly and precisely ?
Sure you can know after you have registered with us, all the efforts we have done over the years in conceptualizing and management of E-Travel Online Network that is accessible overall and evolving in your members area at the Sentosa Express.


Will I be able to succeed with success later in the Sentosa Express ?
The achievement and your success comes from your own side, how much you want to work smarter and not working hard. We always support you through training, seminars, roadshows, communication links with us regularly that we provide for our members.

-- See Director Schema --


A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done."

-Vince Lombardi-

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