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Our Hotel Reservation is to assist you in finding the best places to stay for less. The team at Sentosa works hard to bring you an online reservation service that you can trust to save your time and money.

Our hotel cooperation is determined to find you the best Hotels, Motels, Inns, and Resorts on the date and the location you want - Quickly, Easily, and Securely.


We have collected over 150,000 of the world's places to stay, including over 200 major hotel brands in nearly 10,000 destinations worldwide, with full color hotel brochures, ratings , and interactive maps.

Additionally we offer you thousands of discounted Hotel Deals at great savings to you. With a few simple clicks, you will make your reservation, receive your confirmation, and be ready to go and stay for less. You can also make your reservations by calling our contact number.




  • Planning a last-minute trip anywhere? A week at a romantic resort?
  • How about a family beach getaway or a whirlwind tour?

If you're looking for a great deal on a great hotel, travelsentosa can help you.

We've compiled everything a traveler needs to research a hotel,guidebook listings, travel articles and hotel reviews written by our customers. Plus, with our Quick Presentation feature at our office or the place you've desired.


You can imagine your hotels once and compare deals from several major online hotel providers. If you're looking for a particular hotel, you can call us for further information.


  • Best Rate and Service Guarantee

- Have you booked a room and later discovered a cheaper rate on another site?

- Are you tired of searching for the best rate for your dream stay?


If you find a rate on a competing web site that is lower than the lowest rate shown on the web site, We will honor that rate for the nights for which the lower rate was found, plus give you an additional earn points or discount off the lower next transaction rate, after verification by us.




 Discover a wide selection of hotels in Singapore, ranging from 1 star to
5,stars, including Villa and Resort Exclusive for occupancy during
your trip. Equipped various reviews and pictures of the property and map
facilitate the location of your choice.

The price you found in Sentosa Hotel Finder 

get special discounted up to 35% off hotel finder rates by
Sentosa Hotel Reservation contact via telephone, email, messenger, or
communication tools we provide.

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    Hotels @


  • How to book rooms?

Can be done with a few easy steps, ordering through links provided and immediately make a payment by credit card or fund your account balance in the member area. 

After selecting the hotel, the rooms, and the length of stay, continue to the next payment page. Fill in the payment data that you use and the room is fully confirmed. In other way by contacting us to make your reservation quickly with the help of our team.


Now you don't have to worry. Every hotel reservation booked through for a hotel or resort is guaranteed to have the lowest rate publicly available on the internet or will match a lower rate from our Best Rate and Service Guarantee.




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