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Outbound Activities | Europe Activities TourEurope Activities Tour - is the only continent in the world with the most demanding holiday destination. It is the second largest continent in the world after Asia. Approximately, 60 percentage of the world’s travel income comes from the Europe. The reason behind this is the different countries that have good culture, customs and tradition which is being followed in this century. Travel package for Europe comes at very low cost and with this you can explore different countries of this continent. Europe travel packages encompass all the basic needs for traveling. Starting from booking the tickets to reserving room, food, tourism and other facilities all will be managed within this sentosa tour package. Even though, tourism in Europe can be of higher cost but many European Tour packages have made this affordable to many people to travel to Europe. European tour package are now available for customers of all sizes. Turkey is the most affordable destination. Spain is the other holiday destination with the cost less than that of France. It would be better to have an expert agent in Europe tourism and to reduce the cost; it is recommended that you travel in big group as there is always a possibility of getting bigger discounts. European tour packages allow you to utilize different benefits without bothering about the budget. You can easily make available these services by browsing online.

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 Some of the important activity Tours to Europe are enlisted below:

Europe - FranceFrance - the ultimate holiday destination for everyone
Paris, the French champagne magical Disneyland and the French Cote d’Azur. No coincidence that France is still one of the most popular holiday destinations among the Dutch. The main attraction is of course Paris. Here you can already nibbling at your French baguette on the Champs-Elysées parade, you have immortalized by one of the many portrait painters in Montmartre or on top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the beautiful view. Those who want to get some more with French culture and nature, certainly must visit the interior. Here you will find quaint picturesque villages where old men nice game of jeu de boules. For beach goers, the French Cote d’Azur is a perfect spot to enjoy the sun. Large resorts like Nice and Cannes offer plenty of sun, sea and beach entertainment. To the Spanish border you find the Pyrenees, with all its mountains, lakes and hundreds of wild waters a paradise for adventurers. France is a country where young and old feel at home, the ultimate holiday destination for everyone!


Europe - SpainViva la Spain
Mediterranean life of Spaniards speak a lot of tourists and this makes Spain one of the most visited countries in the world. You’ll find a wide variety of culture and nature. In Galicia you can enjoy the wild landscapes, the La Rioja wine region is characterized by vast and glorious beaches on the Mediterranean coast are still massively attended. Who wants to go considerably out of his sphere, can visit the islands of Majorca and Ibiza. For those of authentic culture and keeps the interior is a perfect base. Here you will find many old white villages, churches and hilly landscapes. The temperament of the Spanish is mainly found in the famous Spanish flamenco and bullfights. For tourists, a bull rather shocking, but remember that simply belongs to the Spanish culture. Those who want to dip below this should definitely visit one of the many arenas. Furthermore you rest in this wonderful country than anything else under the sun of the best Spanish wines, tapas and enjoy!


Europe - GreeceA varied holiday in Greece
Island hopping, or exploring the mainland, Greece is the land of unlimited possibilities. The land offers many unique attractions. Particularly the capital Athens is a paradise for lovers of culture monuments. The Acropolis is the most famous ruins and is the symbol of this stad. De see is the oracle of the god Apollo Delphi. It lies in a beautiful environment where you have many other archaeological finds can be discovered. Tired of the mainland? Explore one of the 150 islands belong to Greece. The most famous and most visited, Crete and Rhodes. Crete is characterized by extensive vineyards and olive-orange. Because of its rich history and beautiful beaches, this island is very popular among vacationers. Rhodes also can you absolutely not miss. The island was declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage monument. The mainland or the islands, Greece has plenty of opportunities for a varied holiday!


Europe - NetherlandNetherlands, on stage domestically
Why go abroad when there is still much to be discovered? Forget the rain, forget the traffic jams and go on a discovery in their own country. With more than eleven hundred museums, many nice pictures and many attractions is a good place here. Take a cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, visit the Rijksmuseum or the child is again equally enchanting Efteling. Those who want nature, can travel to the green Gelderland. Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful areas, the Hoge Veluwe. Enjoy the vast grassy plains or take a walk through the dense forests. Around the lake you will find charming, medieval villages like Volendam and Hoorn. Hang the true tourist and let you shoot in traditional dress costume or go eel bites! Also, island hopping is possible, how about Terschelling, Texel and Schiermonnikoog? In short, plenty of opportunities in their own country a wonderful holiday!


Europe - BelgiumBelgium, the country in Manneken Pis
Conviviality, drinking beers, delicious chocolate and Manneken Pis: that is Belgium! Brussels is especially popular among holidaymakers. The many cafes, shops, ancient churches and the Grand attract millions of tourists every year. Besides you can find in Antwerp, Brussels, the necessary atmosphere. This “City on the River Scheldt” is also the center of the diamond processing. Whoever holds much bling, diamonds, a visit to a museum not to miss. In addition, Antwerp, known for its great shopping opportunities. Bargain hunters and “day trippers” strolling through the bustling, atmospheric streets. The medieval towns of Leuven and Ghent and the picturesque Bruges are ideal destinations to spend your holidays. The real beach lovers can indulge the fashionable Ostend. Nature enthusiasts are including in the Land of Waas, or the Flemish Ardennes Hoeilaart in full lust are enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Europe - ItalyPassion in Italy
La familia, pasta, pizza, olive trees and passion are the ingredients of Italy. Yet each region has its own specialties and characteristics. The north is dominated by large cities such as Milan and Venice and is the most densely populated of all. In the middle you’ll find one of the most beautiful provinces of Tuscany. The many vineyards, olive groves and fields of lavender to make this area a beautiful landscape. The typical Italian cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa are the major tourist attractions and are worth visiting. Southern Italy is also known as’ naked south “mentioned. The primitive existence has lived here quite some time. You’ll find a lot of wild nature and traditional white villages. Those who wish to experience the real south can visit the Gargano peninsula. Last but not least the magnificent Rome. Days You can stroll through the narrow streets, remnants of the Roman era admire and enjoy the delicious food. Probably part after a visit to this country the same passion for Italy as the Italians themselves.


Europe - DenmarkDenmark, smørrebrød and fairy tales
Denmark, the land of the Vikings, is reminiscent of the Netherlands through its farms, fields, small villages and old fishing ports. It is the smallest country in Scandinavia, there is still much to do. The capital is Copenhagen with its many different neighborhoods actually several small towns. It is a relaxed and friendly city with many interesting sights. What you absolutely not miss is the statue of the little mermaid, in honor of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Besides the many cities Denmark has a beautiful coastline where you can take lovely walks. Especially in Jutland you will find stunning beaches. Want to feel again as a child? Pay a visit to Legoland in Billund town. Here you can admire beautiful world made of Lego and you fully enjoy the natural stones. In the places Roskilde and Aalborg revive the Viking times with large Viking ships, special markets and festivals. And of course, the delicacy of Denmark not miss during your trip. The smørrebrød (rye bread with herring) once you absolutely must have tasted!


Europe - MonacoThe mundane Monaco
Monaco is a state and a city. Apart from the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest independent country in the world. Which of opulent luxury is here arrived at the right place. Not for nothing is the favorite destination of many celebrities. Keep your camera ready because before you know it P. Diddy in front of you. The biggest attraction is the famous and most exclusive casino in the world Monte Carlo Casino. Anyone who want to escape all the glitz and glamor, a visit to Monaco-Ville. This site consists mainly of urban pedestrian paths and is therefore ideal for leisurely discovery. But the most important of Monaco’s natural and beautiful beach promenade. Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and lovely.


Europe - ScotlandNatural Beauty in Scotland
Scotland is famous for its big pipes, plaid kilt and Scotch Whisky. But most of Scotland is a country for nature lovers. The many valleys, mountains and lakes provide an ideal hiking area. From the spectacular cliffs you have a magnificent view over the vast sandy beaches. A paradise for active holiday! Besides all that natural beauty are also the cities definitely worth a visit. The capital, Edinburgh has many historic attractions such as Edinburgh Castle, which was built atop a volcanic rock. The old and new center of this city are even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the west of Scotland will find Glasgow, city of architecture and design. Besides all the cultural attractions and beautiful scenery there is a major tourist attraction. Near Inverness is a very famous lake, Loch Ness. Here too the Loch Ness monster, named Nessy, has for centuries hiding. No one has ever seen him, but he has a great attraction to tourists. Forget the rain and discover the fascinating Scotland!


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