News: How to Contact Sentosa
Posted on: 2011-07-19 18:49:43
Last updated on: 2013-04-22 06:03:32
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As one of the biggest travel service providers and online worldwide tour company, we welcome any visitors to our website, and to facilitate communication links with each of our departments and agencies, you can see the intent and purpose with us with more specific and focused. So you will get feedback quickly and accurately as well. Please visit your intention and cooperation that you want to do with us, there are two pages in sentosa travel website that has been informed:


  1. Supplier and Partner Offers  --> (Sales & Marketing Department)
  2. Contact for general inquiries and reservations - -> Call us at the General Operational Contact : by phone, faximile, and email that are available.
  3. Contact for the Agency, Member, and Franchise --> Contact us in the Network - Franchise Contact or Your Leader Sponsorship.
  4. Online Messenger --> Devoted to an official who has been registered on our site, does not currently accept reservations, questions through an online messenger contained on the front page of the site. For reservations and inquiries can be contacted at point number 2.
  5. Information and usability of our other websites can be accessed at the general help page.


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