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Posted on: 2012-09-27 01:39:03
Last updated on: 2014-08-03 22:22:58
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About : Logistic & Cargo Service

              Indonesia Archipelago


About Logistic Service local courier service that continues to grow and continue to expand aggressively in the last 10 years we have become one of the largest delivery services provider with the most extensive network that is able to ship to reach remote districts in Indonesia. Currently we have 54 networks throughout Indonesia, as well as cooperation with several leading airlines and ground fleets that have high mobility making it possible for our Logistics to distribute items with Competitive Price and Servicing Fast, Exact and Accurate.






Product & Service Offered :

  • -Competitive Price-Fast-Accurate -> Harga Bersaing-Cepat-Tepat!
  • -Regular Service -> Udara & Darat, menyusul via Laut.
  • -Door to Door Service -> Sampai ke tujuan alamat, hingga desa / kecamatan.
  • -Overnight Service (ONS) -> Hari ini kirim, tiba esok hari.*
  • -Same Day Service (SDS) -> Kirim dan Tiba hari yang sama.*
  • -Expres Service (EXP) -> Kirim dan Tiba hanya dalam hitungan menit*
  • -Moving & Packing Service -> Tambahan Kemasan Box Kayu, terutama barang pecah-belah.
  • -Additional Insurance for valuable Goods -> Tambahan asuransi untuk barang berharga jika diperlukan.
  • -Checking & Tracking your Delivery Order Arrival -> Mencek ketibaan barang anda secara online.
  • -Featured with some online delivery rates -> Dilengkapi dengan beberapa harga pengiriman online.
  • -Featured with express days of delivery -> Dilengkapi dengan waktu pengiriman cepat.
  • -Featured with attitude and knowledge of Sales Team -> Team yang berpengetahuan luas.
  • -Total City Delivery around 879 cities in Indonesia -> Jangkauan Pengiriman hingga 879 kota/desa/kecamatan.




~ Courier - Logistic - Cargo Service a Reliable Partner~


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