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Posted on: 2013-02-01 19:28:00
Last updated on: 2013-02-04 03:07:37
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About : Villa Accommodation at Bali Island

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We are villa management exclusively managing and marketing 17 villas in Bali, offering accommodation for guests who wish to enjoy a private accommodation with more personalized service. 

We are an exclusive agent for 17 villas, here is the list of our villas:

1. Villa Saraswati (3-Bedroom Villa)

2. Villa Paya Paya (3-Bedroom Villa)
3. Villa Sunaya (4-Bedroom Villa), Batubelig
4. Villa V1(2-Bedroom Villa)
5. Villa V2 (2 units of 2-Bedroom Villa)
6. Villa Wiss (Complex Villas)
7. Villa Blink (2 units of 2-Bedroom Villa)
8. Villa Sundari (4-Bedroom Villa)
9. Villa Jayana (2-Bedroom Villa + 3-Bedroom Villa)
10. Villa Talisa (3-Bedroom Villa)
11. Villa Lalu (Complex Villas)

12. Villa Ruby (2Bedroom Villa)



13. The Grove Villas Bali (Complex Villas)
14. Villa Ben (Complex Villas), Kerobokan

15. Villa Kharista (Complex Villas)

16. Villa Kunang Kunang (Complex Villas)

17. Villa Bidadari (3-Bedroom Villa)


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