News: Special Offer 2014
Posted on: 2013-12-11 14:03:59
Last updated on: 2015-03-04 21:44:06
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Special Offer 2014

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Sentosa Express Tours and Travel, in 2014, many working overseas tour packages with Super Cheap prices and Full Tour, departing from any city in Indonesia with the Tour destinations include destinations: Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Vietnam - Hong Kong - China - Korea , and so on. Package created either for individual or group with an attractive price as well as a complete travel itinerary with the purpose of making you happy and memorable trip. Please visit our website at page Vacation Packages. In January and February 2014 we no Series Tour Packages to Thailand and Hong Kong.




1. Bangkok-Pattaya 04 hari , Special Usd.335,- All in dari Surabaya  (Group / 02 Can Go)

  -> Departure Date : 09 and 23 Jan / 06 and 20 Feb - Group

  -> Departure Daily - 02 Can Go

2. Hongkong - Macau 04 hari , Special  Usd.599,-  (02 Can Go daily departure)

  -> Departure Date : Every Thursday - Group

  -> Departure Daily (02 Can Go)

3. Land Tour Phuket Complete 04 Hari, special Usd.210,-  (daily departure)

4. Land Tour Vietnam Hanoi - Halong 04 Hari, special Usd.236,-  (daily departure)

  • Welcoming the New Year, we also have been working with some of the leading hotel online. You can book a room with a very fast and discount rates among our competitors. Hotel chains include Whole Indonesian domestic and overseas, particularly Asia and several hotels in Australia, Europe, and other continents. We call it the "Room Available - Instant Confirm"  for special rooms have been provided to us for you.

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