"Integrated Network Business System"


The main reason you joined in the Sentosa Network Membership
Enjoy a flexible product offering prices that are only available in the member's area and supported by online promos and information at our website, integrated complete products with friendly used online system ,

supported web system, moreover Sentosa provide professional reliable customer services.

What more services and facilities can I get?

In addition to the online reservation service and support system by our team. You have the opportunity to develop our business through your members, as well as your own business through a network  New Network Marketing Sentosa -> (link login for paid registrant only)  in Indonesia, even to the Worldwide online.  Provide the opportunity for you all to earn Millions Income without limit.

What's more, you will be taught some of the most important and advanced classes on Leadership, Revolutionary Internet Marketing, and Customer Service Principles proven its success.



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How to join Sentosa Network Membership?

1. You can perform the initial online registration listed below

    After receiving a reply email from our team, Choose to pay the

    appropriate type of member you want. Registration without a 

    sponsor get additonal surcharge USD.50,- or

    equivalent Idr.500.000(sponsor list)

2. After paying the initial registration fee, you can get into
    all member's area and do the promotion or sales.


3. Membership method of payment in accordance to

    member category you choose and pay as below :


  - Network Gold and Platinum pay by the Rupiah (IDR) through

    transfer into our rupiah account (IDR) .

  - Global World Class Membership can only be paid using the US

    dollar (US$) through a transfer into our dollar account , or by Credit Card through Paypal.
  - Platinum Agent & Diamond Franchise : Pay by Rupiah IDR (in Indonesia).

    4. Confirm by telephone, fax, email, messenger, your payment through the pages of contact us.

    5. Within 1x24 hours, we will activate your members instantly, and then you can follow learning center.


Online Registration Instruction  ( personal corporate )

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Make Payment into Rupiah Account (IDR)  Make Payment into Dollar Account (USD) 

Prioritas Rekening Transfer

Bank Name : Bank Central Asia

- Account Number : 088-467-9768

- Branch : Darmo, Surabaya - Indonesia

- Swift Code : CENAIDJA

  (swift code for overseas transfer only)

Transfer Priority Account

Bank Name : Bank Central Asia

- Account Number : 258-702-3021

- Branch : Diponegoro, Surabaya - Indonesia

- Swift Code : CENAIDJA

  (swift code for overseas transfer only)

  Make Payment by Online Credit Card (Paypal)

- Account :

Credit Card Payment Bill thorugh your inbox email

Devoted to : Global World Class (applicants from abroad)


Help Question, Email us at :

Online Customer Service

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