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Hong Kong as one of the countries in Asia as the place to stay. This time will review the holiday information to Hong Kong - saving travel tips to Hongkong, and also information of various tourist attractions in Hong Kong visited by many tourists.

As a favourite destination of tourists in the country, besided cheap holiday to China, this article guides frugal way to Hong Kong or Macau to have a lot of diverse writings and tips cheap holidays to Hong Kong. For those who have an adventurous spirit and traveling, of course, having holiday with the saving cost saving is preferred ?

There are many interesting places in Hong Kong.
Countries in the world such as France, China, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Indonesia also contributed to the world tourism develpoment in Hong Kong.

It's no secret in the Hong Kong attracts the attention of tourists from different parts of the world, including Indonesia. There are a variety of attractions in Hong Kong which are visited. Call it only Disney fans certainly harbored dreams of visiting Disneyland Theme Park. For tourists Indonesia, Hong Kong Disneyland could be an ideal choice.

Here are some tips that could be useful for you :

Hongkong Tour Holiday Vacation

1 . Find Cheap Tour Packages to Hong Kong

The first preparation before saving vacation to Hong Kong is looking for information about promo cheap tickets to Hong Kong. For those of you who have not been too tied up with routine work, may be able to book a vacation package to Hongkong far distant day. There are many airlines that provide affordable air tickets to Hong Kong. In certain months usually travelsentosa provide cheap promo tour pacakges. Find information when the promo started, and book in advance because usually seats are sold for very little promotional tour package. In order not to bother looking for a selection of tours in Hong Kong, order it at once with our tour consultant. There is a wide selection of cheap vacation packages to Hong Kong. There are 04 days up to 07 days complete which includes Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and around.

2 . Lodging / Hotel Deals Hong Kong

Hotel or inn is an advanced option that is selective in Hongkong tour package. Tips on choosing a hotel / cheap lodging in Hong Kong, you have to get a lot of information about it from our consultants. The cost of hotels in Hong Kong is a bit expensive compared to other places.


If you are traveling in small party, better search options tour packages in hostels or guest house. The price of the tour package to be more frugal . If you want to stay in a hotel with relatively low cost in Hong Kong, would be great to travel with 2 or 3 other friends or group at a time, so the cost of holiday packages to Hong Kong can be more efficient. Mirador Mansion is a low building in Hong Kong which is famous enough to be in the area of Tsim Tsa Tsui. Dozens of cheap hostels in Hong Kong is available in the building of this option. Choice of accommodation packages in package tour to Hong Kong in your hands. Hotels in Hong Kong many options, ranging from category 5 to backpacker-style hostels which we summarized in a Cheap Tour Packages to Hongkong.

3 . Cheap Transport in Hong Kong

If you are serious about the cost of a holiday to Hong Kong with saving, less is recommended you use a taxi to travel . Use cheaper transport in Hong Kong such as MTR, ferry, bus, and tram to save your travel costs. Moreover besides the price is quite cheap because they are calculated based on mileage, practically all of the territory of Hong Kong MTR lines you can see.

4 . Tourist Places Cheap Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping activity has become imperative especially every time traveled out of the country. To search for cheap shopping in the country try to visit the Hong Kong Nathan Road and Ladies Market to satisfy your shopping desires in Hong Kong. Nathan Road is a road that is along the district of Kowloon, Hong Kong. In Nathan Road also there are hundreds of cheap shopping and become a favorite of foreign tourists. If you want to get low priced items you should visit a traditional market, such as the night market in Temple Street Night Market area. However, if you want to get branded goods you can visit the many boutiques are found in every corner of Hong Kong. Just additional information regarding the tips of our shopping in Hong Kong, so that you will not accept items that are not in good condition, do not forget to check out the items you have bought, and be smart to bid.

5 . Free Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Let's Travel!Not only in Indonesia that provides free recreational parks, free recreation areas in Hong Kong call it Victoria and Kowloon Park. In this area, the Indonesian migrant workers who often congregate here, especially on Sunday morning. Sports facilities are available in the park, such as swimming pool, tennis courts, sports fields with hard floors, and a jogging exercise. The other Fun recreation options in Hong Kong Kowloon Park is in Tsim Sha Tsui. This area offers a greenery area in which there is a small lake, including a garden with a traditional Chinese architectural style, and a sculpture with modern art. Here also available regional sports complex which is famous for its hot springs pool and sports center closed in Hong Kong. Not only that which can be encountered, variety of beautiful birds flying in the air you can see here. No need more problems deciding destinations in Hong Kong which you must visit. Here are some options in Hong Kong are popular and attract the attention of tourists that must be visited, contained in Tour Packages, Holidays and Travel Deals Hong Kong by Sentosa Express Tour.



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