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Before, we have discussed about cheap holiday tips to Japan. At this time we are writing about Saving holiday tips to South Korea. Along with the popularity of K - Pop, tour packages to South Korea became a holiday option. The higher your spirit to visit “Ginseng Country”, then the spirit you are in searching for information about saving low cost korea holiday  with a low budget. As we know that the South Korean capital, Seoul, is the 10th most expensive city in the world. Levels rapidly growing economy, the availability of human resources and desire strong competition make things run quickly in South Korea. But it does not mean you can not enjoy a cheap holiday to korea with low budget.


Here are some tips that could be useful for you :

Korea Tour Holiday Vacation


1 . Hunting for Cheap air tickets

One of the biggest budget can drain your pockets while doing tour packages to South Korea is an air ticket. Air ticket costs can be reduced if you are smart in work around. The first step is that you can look for the promotion of airline tickets. Return ticket promotions typically offer a low price and even reach half the basic price. Be diligent in seeking information about the exhibition tour organized by a travel agency. You can use promotional packages offered by travel agencies like Sentosa Express Travel.


2 . Come to Mugunghwa ho

Mugunghwa ho is one of the cheapest cities in South Korea. The cost of living in the city is quite cheap. If you visit in July-October then you can see the flowers are blooming. Therefore, the city is also called the city of flowers.

3 . Find Free Sightseeing Attraction Places

You can do a cheap tour to visit the attraction of cheap and even free to cut your spending. You can go to Namsan Park. Namsan Park is a mountain located in the center of Seoul . From the top of Namsan Park, you can see the beauty of the city of Seoul.

4 . Use Subway Transport

You can use public transportation to get around the city of Seoul subway. You can spend enough money won 900 or Rp 7,500 , for passengers over the age of 19 years, in order to get around the city of Seoul. Passengers with 13-18 years of age only pay the price of 720 won, or equivalent to Rp 6,000. If you bring children aged 7-12 years is enough to pay 450 won, equivalent to Rp 4,000.

5 . Avoid Crowded Places to Eat for Tourist

In general, eating places visited by tourists will put a higher price. You should ask the local community where the cheap places to eat . Eat at places visited by locals. Eat in the food court shopping center located in the basement could be an alternative option to save even more of your meal.

6 . Stay at Local Residents Home

Let's Travel!To save money on cheap tour to South Korea, you can stay at people's houses or temple stay. In addition, you can also get closer to the original Korean citizens. It would be nice if you first have an acquaintance who lives in South Korea.









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