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North Sulawesi Tours - North Sulawesi may be a land of splendid coral reefs protective, mountains and active volcanoes, reminding the islanders and also the world of the potential power of 1 of the earth's most awe-inspiring forces. it's a land of Brobdingnagian coconut plantations fringed on the lineation, that is why the world is additionally referred to as "Bumi Nyiur Melambai" (The Land of Waving Coconut Palms).

Manado is that the capital of the North Sulawesi Province of country and it's calculable to possess been resided since XVI century and was referred to as "Wenang". Later, in 1623 the name was turned into "Manado". Geographical location and position of North Sulawesi is in most northern region of the Indonesia country, and directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, you can explore our
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North Sulawesi Explore Bunaken Tour


3 Days - 2 Nights

The Bunaken National Marine Park was formally settled in 1991 and is among the first of Indonesia’s developing arrangement of marine parks. The recreation center covers an aggregate surface range of 89,065 hectares, 97% of which is overlain by shining clear, warm tropical water...


North Sulawesi Discovery Minahasa Tour

4 Days - 3 Nights

The Minahasan locale covers a region of give or take 418,862 Ha. The capital of this region is Tondano, a town near Lake Tondano. It is arranged on a level 700 m above ocean level, encompassed by heavenly countryside with cool hilly air. The word Minahasa which implies unification...


North Sulawesi Amazing Waruga Tour

5 Days - 4 Nights

Waruga lies in Sawangan village, Airmadi sub-district, Minahasa district associated it's an ancient material culture indicating the special characteristics of North Celebes individuals. it's a coffin fabricated from stone that's accustomed place the natural object of North Celebes individuals...





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