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Saving Trips to Sakura Japan as your choice to spend vacation time is the right choice. Because of Japan's cherry country as one of the safe country and become one country with diverse attractions and entertainment. For that try to give some tips on cheap holidays to Japan .

Before you plan a tour to Japan, it is advisable to pay attention to cheap travel guides and cheap tour packages to Japan in which we provide. Japan, in addition to the differences in cultural customs, writing, and language, the Japanese also have a temperature / season which is very different from Indonesia.

The best time for a vacation to Japan is the Summer between July and August. Summer in Japan is an ideal season to explore nature. Also in the summer there will be held a variety of festivals including Sado Earth Festival, Fuji Rock and traditional festivals 'bon' will be held across the country .


If you want to see the famous cherry blossoms, you'll have to go to Japan in around February to early April. If you want to go skiing and snow there , tourists can come in from December to March.

As an island nation, Japan has the island amounted to about six thousand islands. Several large islands in Japan, among others Kushu, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and others. In addition the country of Japan is also one of the top 10 countries with the densest population in the world which has more than 128 million people . Interestingly, from most of the islands are owned by storing a variety of interesting sights in Japan with its own distinctive characteristics - each.

And the following tips for cheaper travel to Japan with travelsentosa that your visit to Japan not to spend huge amounts of money, considering Japan is a country that has a high cost of living.

Here are some tips that could be useful for you :

Japan Tour Holiday Vacation

1. Learn Japanese to Facilitate Communication

Not all residents of Japan can speak English or Indonesian, so before deciding on vacation to Japan, you'll should to learn a little Japanese. Tips on saving travel to Japan for this language may be a bit difficult for you, but according to our advice, you also still have to learn the language of the country you live will be present, though only just congratulations, thanks, or a short debriefing language is often nominal price pronounced daily. In addition it is one of the obstacles in visiting the country of Japan is the difficulty in reading the signage and instructions attached almost all locations, so be sure before leaving the road way to Japan, you've mastered a bit of the local language of the country.

2. Prepare enough Japanese Yen Currency

Next Tips for cheaper travel to Japan is providing japan currency that is the Japanese Yen. You should prepare the money from Indonesia. Travellers should have no confusion for the inventory until the Yen thinning, because tourists can not find the money changers in Japan easily.

3. Use Cheap Transportation in Japan

Downsize the cost of transport in Japan by using public transport. The cost of a bus ride rates in Japan are generally around 2020 yen, or about 20 thousand. In order for your vacation savings in Japan later, it is recommended you already make plans Japan tour packages that you select at us. At the time the event is free, with a bus ride you can also see the bustle of Japan as well as the beauty of every corner of the city. Thus, the right advice if you want menjelahi any city in Japan, traveling on buses may be the best alternative for cheap holiday in Japan.

4. Find Cheap Accommodation in Japan

One saving tips vacation to Japan is to find cheap lodging information in Japanese in Japan sentosa tour package. Because accommodation is usually being one of the cost that affects the price of the tour while planning a vacation to Japan. To find cheap accommodation in Japan, ask our consultant team, they will provide alternative affordable accommodation to choose from. Another alternative is the use of houses for rent, where we use a house or apartment belonging to local residents who rent them. (vacation rental). But if it is not suggested in our Japan tour packages.

5. Grocery Shopping at Supermarket To Reduce Meal Costs

If you want saving and cheap holidays to Japan, try to buy food in the supermarket. As a modern country, and its capital Tokyo, Japan with its very high cost of food. For a typical food in Japan sold at Rp.150,000,- per portion. Not unlike our country Indonesia, supermarkets in Japan are also many who sells instant food ready warmed. For the price of a fast food sold in Japanese supermarkets is around Rp 40,000.

6. Be Friendly With Anyone

Tips on cheap holidays to Japan next is to be friendly to everyone you meet, and of course good people. There are benefits for doing this, in addition to show a friendly travellers and if you are lucky will be treated to a free meal by local residents. Of course this being cheap travel tips to Japan are quite rare. There is a wisdom "Embarrassed to ask will be astray on the road". Hospitality is also required when asked for interesting tourist sites in Japan. Dispose of used ego and your shame during your Japanese holiday event that can comfortably and without fear bump in the road. Cheap holidays to Japan and fun is a vacation that does not make you stress later in life but memorable throughout life. Consult with an experienced team of

7. Take advantage of Wi-Fi for Communication Equipment

Let's Travel!If you are a big fan of the technology is certainly advanced mobile phone if you are not going to be confused with signal. For that cheap travel tips to Japan this is by finding a wifi connection or a free internet connection as your purpose of communication with relatives, family, friends, and so on. In addition, not all Indonesian mobile operator has a network of international roaming services in Japan. Make the best possible wifi connection that is in various public places. Just as when you go cheap vacation to Australia, travel to Japan should also be supporting visa needs. Visa should be shown to the immigration authorities of the country concerned when going out of the airport, they decide whether a tourists are allowed coming into Japan or not. Here are the types of visas that can be used to make a visit to Japan : Family Visit Visa, if the newcomer is a Japanese citizen temporarily residing in Indonesia or have relatives at Japan. Tourism Visa for Tourist, Friends Visits Visa, Business Visa, Special Visa, Transit Visa. You can consult again to the team tour of



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