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The next-saving vacation tips is to state Singapore. Now this era streets abroad is not a luxury thing. Especially the way to Singapore as a country that selempar tertangga rock about 45 minutes from the island of Batam, Riau Islands across the sea. Anyone can do a cheap travel to Singapore with the help of a travel consultant a question. You have a plan wants to vacation there and wanted to get a cheap tour package to Singapore? It does not matter, Singapore is one of the neighboring countries that made the Indonesian favorites besides travel to Thailand and Malaysia of course.


Along the trip, the cost of a trip to Singapore is also relatively cheap, even cheaper if you are on holiday to Bali or to Raja Ampat example. Price promo package tour to Singapore Sentosa is also cheaper than our vacation to Borneo, Sulawesi, Jakarta or Surabaya. Indeed, the Singapore currency is more expensive than Indonesia. Already starch if Singapore travel the country will definitely see a lot of price difference found in a variety of Cheap Travel Packages Sentosa. But do not worry, cheap tour through tips articles in this will review thrifty travel tips to Singapore.

At this present, with the easy access to the website travelsentosa with tour packages, you can organize your own trip cheap holiday . Although the state of Singapore is quite close, only aircraft flight takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Jakarta or about 2 hours 30 minutes from Surabaya. Fixed it helps us pay attention to the following points . For those of you who have plans for a vacation to Singapore, here are some tips to Travel and Holiday in Singapore for you :


Here are some tips that could be useful for you :


Singapore Tour Holiday Vacation


1 . Preparation for Cheap Holiday Package to Singapore

Many things can be done in Indonesian citizens before going on holiday to Singapore. So we can concentrate and enjoy the holiday atmosphere without having a lot of staring and a lot of consideration. Prepare important travel documents, ie a valid passport.


Passport is an official document that shows our identity as Indonesian citizens who travel abroad. Please note that today many countries in the world, particularly Singapore requires decisive period of 6 months valid passport in order to enter the country. Even an airline will not dispatch passengers have a passport with a validity period of less than 6 months.


2 . Selection of Tour Packages to Singapore

There are many options package tour from Jakarta, Surabaya, or big cities in Indonesia to Singapore. Package can use the plane, or using ferry from Batam Island. Check prices on the website sentosa tour package that depends on some pages of our season and consult with team sentosa.


If your intention is to vacation, also advised to use the sea route from Batam. While in Batam You can also visit some interesting places like KTM Resort in Batam, Kampung Vietnam, Balerang, Vihara River Heat, Bintan Island, Nongsa Beach, and also tried some delicious fish food. For your convenience, do not forget also to exchange currency Euro currency to Singapore Dollar (SGD). In Batam lot of money changers or Money Changer so you can be sure will not find it difficult to exchange your money.


3 . Use of lodging pacakges in Singapore

Let's Travel!Choose Hostel or Budget Hotel in the list Sentosa package options, since we are more frugal tourist travel, lodging should also inexpensive but decent to be a place of rest or sleep for a moment. Staying at the inn or apartment can be a choice place to stay in addition to lodgings in order to save a trip to Singapore. Each specialty course there are advantages and disadvantages. Lodging is the right choice, because in addition to cheap, the inn also provides many amenities such as continental breakfast, free wifi, security closet / locker, clothing, laundry, free hot water and other standard amenities.






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