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If you want to travel to Thailand you do not need to worry because the cost of living there is much cheaper when compared to Jakarta, the exchange rate higher than a country of Thailand, Thailand cheaper cost about half of Jakarta and you can travel, shopping and getting cheap accommodation better there than travel to Hongkong (more expensive).

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is increasingly established that self as a shopping center in a worldwide level. Starting from the cheapest to the wholesale market to the ruler obligation free with branded goods are cheaper than other obligation free. For those of you who want to travel cheap to Thailand, suggested a traveling in a vulnerable time in March or October. Price tour package to Thailand tend to be low and not too much holiday to Thailand at the time.

For additional, tips cheap travel to Thailand, select tourist destinations cheap cost of his life. As a reference if you go to the city of Bangkok, the cost of living in cities like Jakarta. While the cost of living in the city of Chiangmai, the cost is half of Jakarta, and the cost of living in the city of Phuket may be the same as Jakarta.


Here are some tips that could be useful for you :

Thailand Tour Holiday Vacation

1. Saving Vacation Tips to Thailand

The time is right to come into the country of Thailand is the season when the low season, between the months of March to September. The season in Thailand is not a lot of tourists who visit, so you can enjoy more freely in Thailand. Moreover, low season in Thailand brings big impact of prices, and you will stay there cheaper than usual.

2. Booking Thailand Tour Package

With the tours package booked in advance, you can get a cheaper price tour packages. In July - September is the peak season time in Jakarta, Surabaya, and other part of Indonesia, which affects the price of tour packages become more expensive. Yet when it was low season in Thailand are filled with cheap promos accomodation there. It is certain, Overseas trips to be planned carefully. One of them with the order (reservation) tour much earlier finger. Buy a cheap Thailand tour packages in Sentosa Express Travel at least three months before traveling. Too soon to buy vacation packages are also not recommended because it is likely that you will miss the promo prices offered many kinds available in our packages.


3. Preparation to choose tour object in Thailand

At least prepare tourist places to be visited, a few days before leaving for a vacation to Thailand, you should already have a list of excursions in Thailand. If you have limited time, for example, only five- day trip, then you have to choose the places that really want to visit. For example, the Grand Place or just walking around in the area of Khaosan Road and China Town in Yammarat.


4. Search for cheap accommodation in Thailand

Core cheap travel to Thailand this is not the inn/accommodation facilities such as air conditioning, cable TV, bathroom with Jacuzzi addition, but the tourism object enjoy travel and other sights there. Therefore, you do not stay in expensive lodgings. Why all the way out of the country but only sought lodgings atmosphere. Therefore, choose a simple but comfortable accommodation. Read how to order room accommodation with sentosa tours on the web.


5. Bring drinking water is a necessity when traveling

Do not worry about running out of water and medicine in Thailand. Why there are many general stores in the streets of Thailand, to fill the travel supplies. Just like in Indonesia, drugs and lots of bottled water available in the mini market, like seven eleven available every 10 meters.


6. Use of public transportation in Thailand

Let's Travel!Public transportation in the country of Thailand is quite convenient because the government provides metro and train overpasses. Transportation is very useful to prevent congestion that often occurs in Bangkok. Using bus can also be used as an alternative to reach crowded areas of Bangkok. Only, we must be prepared with traffic jamp, especially the traffic in the morning and evening. If you decide to ride the bus, you have to know the location of the majority because the conductor did not understand English well. However, this constraint can be solved to bring a map that reads Tagaolog Thai language as well as English. You can buy it in small scale maps showcase at 7 Eleven Minimart easily found in Bangkok. Minimarket 7 - Eleven and hypermart Tesco Lotus is commonly found in Thailand.


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