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West Java Tours - West Java, with the popular city Bandung, is beyond question a doubtlessly comprehended place in Indonesia and to travelers who have been to Java definitely. Various nearby individuals will endorse to go there for shopping, sustenance and cool alleviation. It is a no doubt understood weekend destination for the people who need to escape the rushing around of Jakarta. Various pioneers would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

Here the sustenance is shabby and magnificent, the things are humble and in massive collection and crucial Indonesian attractions are contiguous. In this manner it is no astonish that the whole spot grew around tourism industry so come here and have a huge amount of fun. Furthermore, you can explore West Java Tour Packages below :


  WEST JAVA TOURS                                                                                   

White Crater | West Java Nature Tour


2 Days - 1 Night

Voyaging south from Bandung, capital city of West Java you will end up encompassed by mountains with great views, a moving evergreen scene of perfectly tea bushes, clusters of tropical forest, and dim peaks. In the midst of this captivating setting,..


Lembang | West Java Scenery Tour

2 Days - 1 Night

Vacation north from Bandung, capital city of West Java you will find yourself surrounded by mountains with magnificent sceneries. Lembang is a cool mountainous town North of Bandung. It is popular with local tourists for its refreshing climate and...


Trans Studio | West Java Explore Tour

3 Days - 2 Nights

Bandung is a city that has numerous excellent common sights and city rich with characteristic assets make Bandung in named as the Flower City and Paris Van Java. Trans Studio Bandung known as the one of biggest indoor theme park in Bandung. ..



Gedung Sate | West Java Amazing Tour

3 Days - 2 Nights

Bandung ‘s essential vacation destination. Notwithstanding the way that Lembang in itself is doesn’t have that much to offer, Lembang is a cool hilly town North of Bandung. It is noticeable with close-by voyagers for its resuscitating environment and...



Lembang | West Java Beautiful Tour

5 Days - 4 Nights

Bandung in old times was known as the Paris van Java (Dutch) or “Paris of Java ‘. Since it is found in the highlands, Bandung was known as a cool spot. This makes Bandung as one of the visitor destinations in the world. In this city there are...




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